How to Apply For Obtain a Category A1 (Small Motorcycles) Driving License in Denmark

Apply For Obtain a Category A1 (Small Motorcycles) Driving License in Denmark

How to apply to be licensed

  • To be eligible for an Category A1 drivers license you have to attend at least 29 hours of classroom (theoretical subject matter) as well as at minimum 22 hours of practical driving classes (practice run) in line with the syllabus of driver training for Category A, cf. 2. The average lesson will last around 45 minutes. The applicant should also take five lessons that include at least 45 minutes of driving on the driving course and they are required for classes A1, A2 and A.
  • A license application can be made to any of the municipalities in Denmark. List of different municipalities in Denmark
  • Include your application in addition to all the other required documents.

Acceptance of the driver’s license application

It is, in essence, the municipality who makes the decisions concerning the license to drive and the conditions of the issue. Also, it is the municipal government that sets tests for drivers and demands payments. The Police conducts driving tests and makes decisions in certain cases, whether you’re eligible to be licensed or not. Contact us using the details below to find out more and inquire about the process or challenge a decision taken by the police or a local authority.

Appealing a decision

This is it that the National Police, who handles appeals of decisions regarding the issuance of driver’s licenses by local authorities or the police. If you wish appeal against a particular decision make your complaint known to the police or to the municipal authority that made the decision. The police or local authority will forward your complaint directly to National Police. National Police.

Deadline four weeks after the date on which the decision was made public either by local authorities or police.

Time to process: The request could be dealt with within 60 days from that all the information required was collected. Certain cases could require longer time to process for instance when the case is especially complicated or if there is a high volume of complaints. National Police is processing a significant number of complaints at this time.

Required Documents For Obtain a Category A1


To establish your identity, present a valid license that conforms to the EU model, or your valid passport. If you don’t have one of them options, bring the original baptismal or name, birth certificate or health card, or any other acceptable identification documents, particularly ones that include a photograph of you. Documents that prove your identity have to come from a government authority.

If you have received an identity document, but your birth date or location isn’t clearly mentioned on the document, you have to present a certificate of identification that has the date of birth and place of birth are is clearly stated.

In the event that your complete and current name doesn’t appear on your identity papers You may be required to prove the name change with the marriage certificate, a certification of name, or other documentation from the marriage authority, or the register of population.

Other documents you could be asked to provide:

  • Photos of samples
  • Medical certificate issued by your personal doctor (except the small moped)
  • The certificate is a proof of your successful completion of the training in first aid for traffic accidents (except in the case of applications for licenses for mopeds that are small when you are 18 (or older)).
  • A residence permit if do not Danish or Nordic citizens, and cannot legally reside in Denmark without authorization.

Notice: Local authorities may be able to request additional documents. For instance, this could. occur if the local authority believes it is essential to establish that you reside in Denmark. Furthermore, you may be asked to supply evidence of your identity, for instance concerning your health issues.

Office Locations and Contacts

Road Safety CouncilLers Avenue 111
2100 Copenhagen
Phone: 3916 3939
Fax: 3916 3940

How to Apply For Obtain a Category A1 (Small Motorcycles) Driving License in Denmark
How to Apply For Obtain a Category A1 (Small Motorcycles) Driving License in Denmark

A list of the various municipalities in Denmark

Danish Police
Station 14, police station
DK-1780 Copenhagen V
Tel. 33 14 88 88
To locate the Police Station

What are all the Eligibility

Licenses for driving are granted to people who live within Denmark (that is at least 185 consecutive days during the calendar year because of professional or personal connections) or have proof that they’ve resided within Denmark for at minimum 6 months while students.

A person whose driver’s license is suspended, restricted or revoked within an other EU or EEA country might not be able to get an driver’s license.

The applicants seeking an Category A1 driving license must be at minimum the age of 18.


Fees for Driving Tests:

  • Test for driving (theory assessment and practical): DKK 600
  • Tests for big motorcycles as well as regular cars with a large towing capacity: DKK 280
  • Driving test as a result of a conditional suspension or an unconditional withdrawal, the issuance of a driving suspension: DKK 890
  • Driving licenses issued to those who are authorised for driving in several categories. must surrender their temporary license, or have permanently have lost their right to drive small motorbikes: DKK 120
  • Driving licenses for restoration of the right, to drive without the need for a tests in situations where the person was less than 18 years old at time of offence and has been removed without condition. The driver’s license that was obtained prior to the time of decision (deferral disqualification) 120 DKK


Category A1 driving permits are usually valid for 15 years.


Driver licenses issued in Denmark allow the holder operate a variety of vehicles that belong to different categories. One of which is a Category A1 license for motorcycles of small size which permits the owner to drive:

  • A two-wheeled motorcycle that has a sidecar or not, and an engine capacity of not more than the 125 cubic centimeters and a maximum engine capacity of 11. kW, and an equation between the power of the engine and curb weight that is not more than 0.1 kg / kW.
  • Tricycle powered by a capacity of 15kW. car that has the maximal power capacity of 15 kW.
  • Automobiles in that AM classification.

NOTE: In the absence of any information regarding what the curb weight is (curb weight plus fuel, oil, and water) Take into account the weight of your motorcycle and 15 kilograms.

Documentation is needed

A driver’s license can be described as a legal certificate issued by the government. It demonstrates a person’s ability to operate a motorized automobile that includes a motorbike or car, truck or bus, on a roadway that is public. Laws regarding the issue of licenses differ across jurisdictions.

The following are steps to follow to get your the category A1 (Small Motorcycles) driving license.

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