How to Apply For Obtain Certificate of Registration for Real Estate in Egypt

Apply For Obtain Certificate of Registration for Real Estate in Egypt By Yourself

  • To obtain a registration certificate, the applicant has to reach out or call with the Property Tax Authority: Click here for a link
  • How to Apply For Obtain Certificate of Registration for Real Estate in Egypt
    How to Apply For Obtain Certificate of Registration for Real Estate in Egypt
  • The buyer must go to and pay the fees for property registration through Real Estate Registry.
  • Check out in the “Fees” part of the process to learn more about the procedure.
  • The Egyptian Surveying Authority inspects the property and writes an account of the findings, referred to as kashf tahdeed and is sent by the Measurement Department for approval. After being approved the report is then sent on to the Real Estate Registry.
  • The Real Estate Registry conducts a legal and technical review of the application and makes sure that the information in the cadastral records is identical to the information of the property that is being registered. After the review takes place the documents are stamped in the form of “approved and authenticated” (maqbul Lilshahr) and then released to the parties with a stamped form which can later be used to create the sales contract.
  • The lawyers of the parties draw up the sales contract (called the mashroa Moharar) on the form found at the Real Estate Registry. The contract is sent by the Lawyers’ Society to verify. Lawyers who write the contracts submits the syndicate’s identification number on the form. The Lawyers’ Syndicate checks to see if the lawyer is an active member. The fees for verification are determined by the value of the property up to EGP 5 000.
  • After receiving this contract through the Lawyers’ Society, parties then submit it to for review by the Real Estate Registry for review. After the review takes its place, the document will be identified as “approved and registered” (saleh Lishahr).
  • When the contract is declared “approved for registration” The parties then go before the appropriate public official (mowathiq) to verify and sign the document.
  • The buyer must submit the signed contract to the principal Office at the Real Estate Registry for final approval. After the Registry has given its approval the registry number is assigned and the agreement is tagged as being transcribed for transmission (naqil or liltakleef). The buyer gets an original copy of the registered contract , and it is concluded.

Required Documents For Obtain Certificate of Registration for Real Estate

  • Principal and agent identification document
  • Principal and agent’s relationship document
  • The authority granted by the principal document
  • Date of document granting power of attorney
  • Signature or sealing of the principal document
  • A copy of the subject’s identification document
  • The identification of the representative document
  • In the event that an attorney is appointed documents that show the representative’s relationship can substitute for the power of attorney, or the subject’s ID.

Office Locations and Contacts

Egyptian Real Estate Taxation AuthorityEmail:
The Head of RTA Tel: 27950566
Contact Link: Link

Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA)
Address 21, Abd El-Aziz Al Soud Street in EL-Manial. Cairo, Egypt
Tel: +202 25354100 (30 lines)
Tel: +202 23684288 +202 23648046
Tel: +202 23640368 +202 23648769

Ministry of Finance
Arab Republic of Egypt
Ministry of Finance Towers,
Nasr City.
Extension of Ramsis Street,
Abbassiya, Cairo
Phone: 02/23428830
Fax: 02/23428830
Contact Link: Link


  • All up to 100 sqm: EGP 500;
  • Above that the limit of 200 sq m: EGP 1,000;
  • Over this the limit is 300 sq m: EGP 1,500;
  • Greater than 300 square metres: EGP 2,000.


The validity lasts for 1 year.

Processing Time

It takes approximately 30 days.

Documentation is needed

  • A Property Tax Certificate proves that the property has been subjected to an assessment for tax purposes and is registered with the Property Tax Authority.



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