How to Apply For Obtain Project Operations Licence from Competent Administration Authority (CAA) in Egypt

Apply For Obtain Project Operations Licence from Competent Administration Authority (CAA) in Egypt

  • To get a Project Operations Licence from Competent Administration Authority (CAA), the applicant has to decide the category in which the project to fall, (he can obtain relevant information from the appropriate administration authority (CAA) (EGPC, Governorate or Governorate.) URL
  • To be considered whitelist (A-category) projects, the developer has to fill with the Environmental Screening Form.The responsible administrator will forward the form to the EEAA to be evaluated and reviewed within the legally-required timeframe of 60 days. Unless otherwise, this EIA report is deemed to be acceptable.
  • For the gray lists (B-category) projects, the developer must request the Environmental Screening Form (B) from EGPC, Governorate or EEAA to fill out.
  • For black-list (C-category) report, a complete EIA is required. The included guidelines will aid in the preparation of such reports.
  • This guideline is to provide a list of the issues that could be relevant for the development of an environmental impact assessment for projects involving oil and gas as well as related infrastructure. The EIA must be customized to take into account the potential impact of the particular project. It is vital to focus on the most important concerns.
  • The entire EIA is then sent along with a note of intention to pursue an individual project to the relevant administrator (EGPC, Governorate, etc.). The CAA records the documents and then reviews all document (according the checklist developed by EGPC in collaboration together with EEAA) and then sends the documents of the applicant to the EEAA to be reviewed and evaluated.
  • The EEAA examines the documents and then submits its views and any recommendations for the CAA (e.g. EGPC, Governorate, etc.) within 60 days from EEAAs official receipt of all documents. If not the EIA report is deemed to be valid. The report is registered by the EEAA and its opinions in the EIA Register at the EEAA.
  • The CAA officially notifies the developer with an official registered letter that acknowledges of of the evaluation results by the EEAA. The outcome of this could be:
    • The project is approved with a recommendation that is considered to ensure the environmental protection.
    • A formal demand to the developer for more details/data in order to finish the EIA report
    • Aversion to the idea.
  • The CAA transmits a copy the EEAA decision to the developer. If the developer is dissatisfied the developer can appeal the evaluation by writing within 30 days (from the date they received the outcome of the test) to EEAA and include reasons for the opposition, accompanied by the legal and scientific basis. The CAA assures the implementation of EEAA decision. A license is issued to the owner of the project if the documents required are in accordance with the EEAA decision. The applicant has to visit the authority mentioned earlier to get the license when they are an official notification about the same.

Required Documents For Obtain Project Operations Licence from Competent Administration Authority

  • An overview of the pertinent law (national, regional, and international) relevant to the project should be included.
  • The brief outline of the work, including the major elements such as specifications, layout, etc.
  • An explicit description of the goals of the plan should be made at the outset.
  • A work-plan.
  • Life-cycle of the project the process of decommissioning when applicable
  • Define the specific site of the project’s exact location.
  • A brief overview of the current environmental conditions within the zone within the scope of work.
  • document if noise expected to result during the construction, the issues to take into consideration are the levels of noise from fixed and mobile sources of noise.

Office Locations and Contacts

Address: 30 Misr Helwan El-Zyrae Road, Maadi , Cairo, Egypt
Postal code Code postal: Postal code:
Tel: (202) 25256452
Fax: (202) 25256490
Hot Line 19808
The Public Service Number: 25266178 25256470
Report Environmental Violations via WhatsApp Contact us at 01222693333
Contact URL: URL

What are all the Eligibility

  • The applicant must belong either of the three types for Environmental Impact Assessment these are gray (A), white (A) Gray (B) as well as Black (C) and is current with the payment of registration fees.

The applicant needs to be registered with the Competent Administration Authority with Certificate of Incorporation.


The validity period is 5 years.

Processing Time

The processing time is 1 month.

The Document is required

The law on environmental protection 4/1994 as well as the Executive regulations 338/1995 stipulate that any new projects or establishments and expansions of an existing facility require the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before a permit can be issued.
Environmental Impact Assessment is a method of analysis that offers a means of gathering and preserving information and opinions on the environmental effects of activities in order that the significance of the consequences and the possibility of improving, altering or reducing the effects can be assessed in a proper manner.



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