How To Register a Vehicle In Andorra

How To Register a Vehicle In Andorra

  1. Collect all the documents you’ll be required to submit or show in order to be eligible for the process.
  2. The vehicle needs to be presented to a physical inspection.
  3. Be sure to pay all applicable fees.
  4. Once you have registered, you have to present the plates in exactly according to the guidelines.

Documents Required Register a Vehicle

  • Form for completing the Vehicle Registration Application Formula
  • Original copies of the declaration of customs
  • The invoice (original copy)
  • Certificate of insurance issued in an individual’s name. owner or buyer. The certificate needs to have been issued by an Andorran firm and have a validity time of one year. The certificate should be returned within eight working days from the date of issue.
  • Certificate of Manufacture (and 3,500 kg)
  • If the vehicle will become registered with the company name, business: Power of Attorney issued to the legal representative of the company.
  • For non-Andorrans: Photocopy passport
  • For vehicles that are purchased on an installment basis For vehicles purchased on installment basis: Contract
  • For modified vehicles The certificate of modification from the workshop
  • The Licensing Office may request for additional documents to be provided for vehicles imported or that were previously registered in another country.
  • An ITV is now required for registration of vehicles brought into the country, regardless of age (see
    How To Register a Vehicle In Andorra
    How To Register a Vehicle In Andorra


Office Locations and Contacts

Government of AndorraC. Prat de la creu, 62-64
AD500 Andorra la Vella
Switchboard: +376 875 700
Atenci ciutadana: 150

Documents to Utilize

R2T003 Vehicle Registration Application Formula (PDF)

Processing Time

It could take one or two days to complete your application.

The Information You Need

  • The personal details of the person who has requested an application to register the vehicle
    • Name of the person applying for the job or the company
    • Passport number/DNI
    • Contact details: Email, phone, mobile
  • Information about the vehicle Information about the vehicle: Model, Make colour, color, number seats, etc.
  • Payment details

External Links

  • The government of Andorra:

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