How to Apply for Passport In Iceland

 Apply for Passport In Iceland By Online

  • Visit The Consular General’s office in Iceland or the Iceland Embassy.
  • You must fill out a passport form.
  • Send the required documents.
  • Pay the required charges.

Required Documents For Apply for Passport

  • Your current passport (if you have one).)
  • one passport photo in the size of 35mm x45mm
  • Check with the name “Consulate General Iceland located in New York” for the passport, including the postage fee
  • written consent of parent(s) or a responsible adult who lives with the child (for applicants who are less than 18 years old). older)
  • Birth certificate copy, where the names of parents both are recorded (for those who are younger than 18 years of age)
  • photocopy of passports of parents (for applicants under 18 years old) of age)
  • If the mother of the child does not have an Icelandic citizen, a copy of an official marriage license is required. (for applicants under 18 years old) of age)
  • Icelandic ID Number (for applicants who are non-an Icelandic citizen)
  • Identification proof – driving license, etc.

Office Locations and Contacts

Consulate General in IcelandNew York
800 Third Avenue, 36th floor
New York NY 10022
Tel. : +1 (646) 282 9360
Fax: +1 (646) 282 9369


residents of Iceland


Passport Fees:

  • Passports for 18-66 years old Cost: $100 (inc. cost of postage)

Passports for ages 67 and above , and children less than 18 years old $ 50 (inc.postage)

Processing Time

Passport applications can take anywhere from up to 3-4 weeks.


    • All applicants must apply in person.

It is required that the applicant fill out the application form before someone from an embassy or consulate.

The Document is required

Here are the steps for applying for a passports in Iceland. Icelandic passports can be issued to residents of Iceland for traveling internationally.

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