How to Obtain a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate

Obtain a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate

  • You can purchase an birth, death or wedding certificate on the internet and then pay with a credit card. You are able to purchase only certificates to yourself and your family members, or people under your control. It is not possible to submit on the internet a request to purchase an Historical Marriage Certificate (Price: 6,800 kr.)
  • The certificates that are given to applicants are based on information on your registration that is kept by the National Register.
  • To submit the request online for certificates you’ll need to sign in. It could take between 5 and 10 minutes to get the certificate. you’ll need to complete online banking. After that, you will need to log in, make changes and enter your email and contact address.
  • The certificates are all sent via post . It is also possible to request your certificate to be delivered by email to the address you have provided. This is available for orders placed on the internet or with an acceptable ID on the desk at reception.

Others certificates can be acquired on the internet:

  • Seat Certificates:
Certificates given to students indicating the current address of their address of residence and also information regarding the place of residence as well as dates.
  • Custody Certificates:
Certificate of arrangement custody stating the names, ID numbers and the address of the child’s home The identification numbers and names of the custodians and custodial arrangements.
  • Certificate of Marital Status:
It’s a certificate that identifies an individual’s current marital status, for example of divorced, unmarried, and so on.
  • Citizenship Certificate:
The certificate is given to residents of Iceland to show proof of their citizenship. The certificate shows the person’s full name, their social identity number and gender, and where they reside.
  • Certificate of Co-existence
The certificate of cohabitation shows when it began , and where the parties reside.
  • Lifetime certificate:
The certificates prove that the living person has passed away. The certificate shows the person’s full name and social security number as well as gender and address.
  • Confirmation of the current address for the entire family at the same address:
The certificate of current residence of people who share identical family numbers. If the domicile is situated in Iceland it is listed when it is abroad, and if not, only the specific country.
  • The confirmation of the current address for the person:
Certificate of residency. If residence is in Iceland it is stated in the case of an overseas residence, then only the specific country.
  • Change of name certificate:
Certificate of name current as well as earlier names or other names which are registered on the National Register. The certificates also show the individual’s social security number as well as their gender, residence and.

Important: If the certificate you require cannot be purchased on the internet, call the Registry Office’s customer assistance desk located in Iceland

Office Locations and Contacts

Registry Office IcelandEmail: skra @
Phone: 515 5300
Office hours: 9:00am – 3:00pm
KT: 650376-0649
Email Contact Form

Borgartn 21
105 Reykjavik
Office Hours: 9:00am to 3:00pm
Fax: 515 5310

Hafnarstrti 107
600 Akureyri
Office Hours: 9:00am to 3:00pm
Fax: 515 5420


  • Birth Certificate 1900 kr.
  • Death Certificate 1900 kr.
  • Marriage Certificate 1900 kr.

Other certificates that can be obtained onlineinclude:

  • Seat Certificates 1900 kr.
  • Custody Certifications: 1900 Kr.
  • Marital Status Certificate 1900 kr.
  • Citizenship Certificate: 1,900 kr.
  • Certificate of Coexistence 1900 kr.
  • Life-time certificate 1900 kr.
  • The confirmation of the current residence for the entire family The cost is 995 dollars.
  • Residence confirmation for an individual for a person: 995 Kr.

Certificate of change in name 1900 kr.

Need to have the Document

  • The birth certificate is a crucial document that records the child’s birth. baby. The phrase “birth certificate” could refer to the original document that certifies the circumstances surrounding the birth, or an official copy an official representation or subsequent birth certificate.
  • Death Certificates are death certificateis an official document issued by a registrar of vital statistics that states the date, place of birth and cause of death for a person.
  • The legal contract of marriage that binds two individuals giving them certain rights as well as obligations. A Certificate of marriage Certificate is the official proof that two persons are married.
  • Here are the steps to obtain the birth, death, and marriage license in Iceland.

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  • Registry Office of Iceland Website:



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