How to Apply for Passport In Pakistan

Apply for Passport In Pakistan By Person

  • The applicant should go to the counter for customer service at the Regional Passport Office.
  • The applicant will be guided through how to use the application process for the passport.
  • If the applicant has all the required documents, he/she is directed by the Token Counter.
  • A separate passports will be issued to everyone who applies, regardless of age.
  • All sorts of endorsements that include the names of CHILDREN on passports of parents are NOT PERMITTED on the machine readable passport.

Token Counter

  • The applicant should present their authentic CNIC as well as Computerized Registration Certificate, in case they are younger than 18 years old together with copies and the Bank Chalan Form.
  • The token will be given to the person who applied for it.

Biometric Information Capture

  • After obtaining the token, the applicant will then proceed to the Biometric Counter at the time his token has appeared at the Biometric counter for Capturing.

DEO on the Counter will take your right thumb index finger right Left Thumb, Left and Left Index Finger impressions.

Capture of Photographs

  • The applicant should now walk towards the center of the photograph in the moment that their Token No. is displayed on the Picture Counter.
  • The camera operator will continue by capturing the photograph of the applicant.

Data Entry

  • The applicant will then move into his Data Entry Counters when his token number is visible on the counter.
  • The Operator for Data Entry will input all of the necessary data for the Applicant . The screen for data entry will be accessible to the Applicant.
  • If there are any changes in the data, the Applicant must inform an operator for Data Entry in this regard. After data entry, the completed Data Entry Form will be completed by the operator and be handed to the Applicant to verify.
  • The applicant must confirm all the information contained in the form.
  • A person who is applying for a job will be required to obtain a another tokens from the coordinator assistant near the counter for data entry.

Be aware that any change in the data should be pointed out at this stage. Once the information has been saved, any modifications to the TOKEN must TO be cancelled and the applicant will need TO go through the entire process again. If the applicant is told to “GO Ahead” by the assistant DIRECTOR ANY CHANGE to the DATA will be possible and the applicant will have to REAPPLY FOR THE PASSPORT REGISTERING THE FEE UNDER the MODIFICATION CATEGORY.

Validation on Office Record (ECL/BL)

  • The verification of the office records is to be completed.
  • Check against Exit Control List (ECL) and Black List (BL).
  • If there is a slight doubt, the case can be sent by Special Branch/IB.

Interview and Final decision by Assistant Director

  • The applicant will then appear before the Assistant Director after his ID is displayed on AD counter, along with of the documents that were originally submitted.
  • A Director Assistant will question the applicant and then announce his decision on the applicant’s application is allowed or denied.
  • The Assistant Director will hold off the application of a person who is less than 18 years old and will deliver the application to the applicant to get the attestation of his picture from an officer of the class 1 Govt. officer.
  • The applicant must record their CNIC No. and an official seal on the application form.
  • After the submission of the completed form by the person who previously delayed Token will be activated.

Passport Deliver Time (Collection of Passport)

  • If the applicant is successful in completing all above steps, the applicant will be provided with:
    • 12 working days to get their passports; in cases of normal passports.
    • 5 working days to get their passports in case of urgent passport.

Required Documents For Apply for Passport 

Normal/Urgent 18 and Above

  • Original Bank Challan (receipt) with the appropriate fees.
  • Original Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) issued by NADRA with two photocopies.
  • OLD Passport with its photocopy in the event that it was issued.
  • NOC for an official of the Government.
  • Foreign Passport along with its photocopy, is only for Dual-Nationality holders only.

Normal/Urgent under 18

  • Original Bank Challan (receipt) with the appropriate fees.
  • Original Computerized Registration Certificate (CRC) issued by NADRA along with two photocopies.
  • Parents Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) with a photocopies.
  • Foreign Passport along with its photocopy, is only for Dual-Nationality holders only.

Office Locations and Contacts

Click here for the office locations which you can visit.


  • Normal (36-Pages) from 18 to Over and under, Rs.3,000/-
  • Urgent (36-Pages) Between 18 and 18, Over and Below, Rs.5,000/-
  • Normal (72-Pages) Between 18 and Above and Below, Rs.55,00/-
  • Urgent (72-Pages) 18 and Over and Below, Rs.9,000/-
  • Normal (100-Pages) 18 and Above and Below, Rs.6,000/-
  • Urgent (100-Pages) Between 18 and 18. Over and Under, Rs.12,000/-


The Directorate General of Immigration & Passports will issue Machine Readable Passports (MRP) valid for 10 years, with beginning on the 1st of November 2012.

The Document is required

Passport holders are able to travel to other countries.

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