How to Apply for Paternity Test in Nigeria

 Apply for Paternity Test in Nigeria By Yourself

  • In order to apply for a paternity test in the case of a person, the person who would like to take an examination for paternity has to visit any Laboratory you prefer that offers testing for paternity.
  • Please follow the link to find the contact information from the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria: Link

  • Find a laboratory for testing paternity close to where you live using the contact information above.
  • Visit the lab and talk to the person who is in charge of Paternity Testing. They will give you an application form for the Paternity test, which is available at the Laboratory.
  • Check to see if you have all the required documents under the “Required documents” section on this page.
  • Complete the application with the all the required information as needed and attach any documents needed.
  • Lodge your application as well as necessary documents at the counter to be verified and approved.
  • If your application is accepted An appointment will be made for the test of paternity and you will receive an appointment confirmation as evidence of appointment.

Documents Required For Apply for Paternity Test

  • Application form completed
  • Proof of identity valid for the parent (in the event that there is a minor offspring)
  • Evidence Of Guardianship (in instance the parent has passed away)
  • Documentation of Birth (for the child or heir)
  • Sized passport photographs (as required)
  • A Written Consent from the Mother
  • Written Consent of the person who is to be test

Office Locations and Contacts

HeadquartersMedical Labor Science Council Nigeria
Lot 1166 Winners Highway,
Contact Link: Link
SYNLAB Nigeria:Link

What are all the Eligibility

  • Anyone in Nigeria who wishes to verify the paternity of an infant with the individual whom they believe to be father, may apply.


Contact the Laboratory where you would like to test your paternity for more information on the cost.


  • In relation to the scheduled appointment, go to the place specified in appointment at the right day and at the appropriate time.
  • The test for paternity will be conducted at the test centre, in the test centre. You will then be required to take the report to the centre at the time it is available.
  • It is also possible to make an inquiry at the testing center to obtain parental consent forms.

The Information You Need

  • The specifics of the parent
  • The identification document of the parents
  • The child’s specifics
  • The identification document of the child
  • Specifics of the person who will be regarded as the biological father.
  • Birth details of the child
  • Contact details and address

Documentation is needed

  • The paternity test is used to prove the biological relationship of an individual to another believed to have the possibility of having a relationship.

Information that can be useful

    • Paternity tests analyze the blood groups of your family to discover if you have biologically ancestors with another person. The negative results indicate that you’re not related, however positive results indicate that you might be.

If an individual denies paternity and does not consent to a confirmation test, this raises doubts regarding his legitimacy. If there is evidence that strongly suggests that the man is the father the court could be able to take into consideration his decision and conclude that he is the father. biological fatherhood.

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