How To Apply for Permanent Residence Permit (EU Citizen) In Czech Republic

How To Apply for Permanent Residence Permit (EU Citizen) In Czech Republic

  • Visit the Ministry of Interior office.
  • Apply for a visa. The form can be downloaded here. Applications Forms
    How To Apply for Permanent Residence Permit (EU Citizen) In Czech Republic
    How To Apply for Permanent Residence Permit (EU Citizen) In Czech Republic


  • Send the required documents.
  • If the MOI approves your application, MOI If the MOI approves, the office will notify you by telephone to set up a date to pick up your permanent residence permit as well as providing biometric details. If the MOI is unable to reach you via phone the office will ask you to collect it by writing to the address you provided in your application.
  • You will receive an annual residence permit as those who are EU citizen, as well as an acknowledgement that you have the right to reside within Czech Republic. Czech Republic.

Documents Required Permanent Residence Permit (EU Citizen)

  • Completed application form
  • an identity document or travel document proving identity (It is mandatory to provide an original)
  • an official document attesting to the requirements of five years of continuous temporary residence
  • 2 photos
  • Accommodation proof

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of the Interiorpostbox 21
Prague 7 Letn
170 34
Telephone: +420 974 811 111 (switchboard operator)

Offices of MOI

What Are All The Eligibility

To be eligible for this permit, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Five years continuous, temporary residency during the Czech Republic
  • Each of the requirements listed below must be included in the application.

There is no reason for denying or suspending the process on your request.


  • Applications must be made personally at MOI office closest to the location where you’re registered.
  • Always fill out an application form that includes all the specifications.
  • Always provide originals or notarized copies the documents.
  • All documents presented (except those for traveling documents) should be printed using the Czech language or official translated into Czech.
  • The application requirements must not be more than 180 days, excluding documents for travel, birth certificate or marriage certificate, as well as the photo of the foreign national , if it is in line with the actual appearance of the person applying for it.
  • The process of applying for a visa is controlled by the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals and the Administrative Procedure Code, and any other laws that are related to it.
  • If the application is insufficient or contain some discrepancies or has discrepancies, you can be assured that the Ministry of Interior worker accepting the application will assist you in removing any discrepancies or notify you of the requirements that are not met due by an exact date.
  • It is possible to provide all requirements that are not met in person, with the help of a proxy, or via mail.
  • The documents you’ve been requested to submit must be submitted in accordance with the timeframes that have been set. Failure to meet the requirements can be an excuse for halting the application process.
  • The Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals (pdf, 1.7 MB) stipulates a time frame of 60 days following the filing of your request in the Czech Republic, during which the MOI is required to take an announcement regarding the application. If the process is disrupted and the deadline to make the decision is also suspended. The deadline can also be extended in other cases that are legally set.
  • The deadline to pick up this permit lasts 30 days following sending the request to collect your permanent residency permit. If you fail to get the permit before the timeframe, the process is suspended.

The Document is required Permanent Residence Permit (EU Citizen)

If you are you are an EU citizen you are able to also apply for an permanent residence permit. The following are the steps to follow to apply for an permanent residence permit in Czech Republic.

Information that can be useful

A permanent residency permit issued to the EU citizens is considered to be a document that is public, it is written using the Czech language, and usually it is written in two languages in accordance with international customs. It is issued as a separate document that includes an image. It is a proof of the owner’s name(s) and the surname and date of birth, date where they were born, their nationality number of the travel document as well as the registered location of living in Czech Republic, the birth number, and other information about living to the Czech Republic. It is valid for 10 years. Its validity is extended for a period of 10 years at times, if needed.

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