How To Apply for Renunciation of Citizenship In Czech Republic

How To Apply for Renunciation of Citizenship In Czech Republic

  • Visit the embassy in the Czech Republic with competence for the state where they live permanently, or for a state with the nationality you’re seeking.
  • Send the statement of the embassy together with the supporting documents to the regional office responsible within 15 days.
  • If you do not have the citizenship declaration, you must fill in the necessary form which will be delivered to the embassy in the Czech Republic abroad or to the regional office in your area.
  • Complete the form and submit it.


You can also present an admission before the regional office that is competent in the location of your your last permanent residence located in the Czech Republic. If you’ve not had permanent residency within your home country, the Czech Republic did not have the local authority to make a decision. Municipal Authority of Prague first.

Documents that are required Apply for Renunciation of Citizenship

  • evidence of residence in another country
  • the proof of acquiring the citizenship of another country or the likelihood of acquiring the citizenship of another country.

Office Locations and Contacts

It is the Ministry of the InteriorDepartment of the General Administration
Department of Citizenship and Registry
Heroes Square 3, 140 21 Praha 4
tel. 974 817 438
(information hotline, Department of Citizenship and Registry)
tel. 974 817 411 (Secretariat of the Department of Citizenship and registers)

What Are All The Eligibility

An individual who is a citizen of the Czech Republic may make a declaration of renunciation of the citizenship of Czech Republic if:

  • He’s permanently in the United States and is also working.
  • In the Czech Republic it is not a permanent resident , but it is
  • is an individual who is a citizen of a different state or is requesting an application for citizenship in a foreign country and a declaration of renunciation to citizenship from Czech Republic. Czech Republic is in connection with the acquiring of citizenship.


The cost of administrative or other charges aren’t set.

Processing Time

The office in charge of the region that is responsible for the declaration must determine within 60 calendar days after reception.


  • Declarations may include children. If the declaration only includes one parent for the child it’s essential to submit the document to the parent who has notarized the signature along with the information that the child was not a citizen from Czech Republic. Czech Republic.
  • Consent of the parent who is not the other one is not required if the other parent was exempted from parental responsibility. the parental responsibility for his actions in this regard was limited or suspended, except for his residence is outside of the Czech Republic, known or passed away.
  • If both parents died or were deprived of the parental responsibility to take on the parental responsibility this field was either limited or suspended. it is not their home when they reside outside of their home country of the Czech Republic, I know the information regarding being stripped of the citizenship in this country. Czech Republic to make a the child’s legal representative or guardian. Parental approval is not necessary in these circumstances.
  • Guardian included in the declaration of final court ruling regarding its terms.

The reason for the loss of Czech citizenship declaration for children older than 15 years old should be a written agreement signed by notarized signature. A certified signature is not necessary if the child is able to consent when an official declaration before an authority that is administrative with whom the declaration is signed.

The document is needed

The renunciation of citizenship procedure is only for people who lose their citizenship. This guideline explains what you can do to request the renunciation of citizenship in the Czech Republic.

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How To Apply for Renunciation of Citizenship In Czech Republic
How To Apply for Renunciation of Citizenship In Czech Republic



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