How To Apply for Permanent Residence Permit (NonEU Nationals) In Czech Republic

How To Apply for Permanent Residence Permit (NonEU Nationals) In Czech Republic

  • Visit visit the Ministry of Interior office or Czech Embassy in the foreign country.
  • Apply for a visa. The form can be downloaded here. Applications Forms
    How To Apply for Permanent Residence Permit (NonEU Nationals) In Czech Republic
    How To Apply for Permanent Residence Permit (NonEU Nationals) In Czech Republic


  • Documents to be submitted.

If you are approved by the MOI The office will notify you via phone and set a time to pick up your permanent residence permit as well as providing biometric details. If it’s not possible to contact you via telephone and you are asked to collect it by writing to the address you indicated in your application. If there is an appraisal that is positive for an application made at an Czech Embassy in another country The embassy will be in contact with you and issue the visa to stay that exceeds 90 days for the purpose of obtaining an residence permit. Within three days of your entry into within 3 days of entering the Czech Republic, you shall be required to report at the MOI office to set a time for the submission of biometric information.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of the Interiorpostbox 21
Prague 7 Letn
170 34
Telephone: +420 974 811 111 (switchboard operator)

MOI office

What Are All The Eligibility

Non EU citizens of the Czech Republic may apply for this permit, and must be at the age of 18.


  • Complete the form, complete with the required requirements.
  • Always provide the originals, or copies notarized the documents. The documents you submit must be using Czech. Czech language or official translation into Czech. Foreign documents that are public must be accompanied by a higher confirmation (Apostille and superlegalisation).
  • The application must be submitted in the presence of a person.
  • A legal representative submits the application for any foreign national who is younger than 15 years old.
  • The procedure for applying is controlled by the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals as well as the Administrative Procedure Code, and any other laws that are related to it.
  • If the application is insufficient or contain contradictions in the application, an official from the Ministry of Interior worker accepting the application will assist to eliminate any discrepancies, or will inform you of not-completed requirements that must be submitted by a particular date.
  • It is possible to provide any requirements that are missing in person, through the use of your proxy , or via mail.
  • The documents you’ve been requested to submit must always be submitted by the timeframes that have been set. Failure to meet the requirements can be reason enough to stop the application process.
  • The Act on the residence of foreign Nationals (pdf, 1.7 MB) provides a deadline of 60 days after filing your application with the Czech Republic and 180 days after filing the application at the Czech Embassy. In this period, the MOI must make an announcement regarding the application. If the procedure is disrupted and the deadline to make the decision is also cut off. This deadline is also stopped or extended in other legal cases.
  • You have to report in person before the specified deadline, but not more than 60 days after giving the biometric data at MOI office. MOI office to collect your permanent residence card to ensure that your identity can be verified, i.e. the authenticity of the personal information recorded on the card. to confirm that your data card is operational as well as the authenticity of the biometric information it contains.

The Document is required Permanent Residence Permit (NonEU Nationals)

An Permanent Residence Permit is a reference to the status of a visa which permits one to remain indefinitely in any country where the person isn’t citizens.

Information that can be useful

  • If your application, which was submitted to the MOI is denied the decision of rejecting your application is communicated via post to the email address listed in your application. You can appeal the decision within 15 days from the date of delivery of the decision. The appeal may be submitted in person or via mail to the relevant MOI office.

If the MOI doesn’t consider your arguments against the decision to reject an application as legitimate to change the decision, it will hand all the documents related to the process of you application. This is to be sent to Appeal Commission on the Residence of Foreign Nationals that will determine the appeal. A decision on appeal will then be delivered to you.

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