How to Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In Bermuda

Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In Bermuda By Yourself

  1. To request an Phytosanitary certificate, applicants need to visit for the Plant Protection Laboratory. Contact information is listed below in the “office places and contact details” section.
  2. You must fill out an application form and submit it to the Plant Protection Laboratory.
  3. Application forms can be found at the following link: Link
  4. How to Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In Bermuda
    How to Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In Bermuda
  5. Complete the online application and fill in your information.
  6. Make sure you are armed with all the documents required which are listed under”Required Documents” on the “Required documents” section of this page.
  7. The applicant is required to complete the completed application form, all documents as well as the required fees at the Plant Protection Laboratory in Person. Contact details are provided in the “office addresses and locations” section.
  8. After the form is processed, the inspector inspects the item that was intended to be shipped.
  9. If the inspection produces satisfactory results The inspector will issue an Phytosanitary Certificate.

Required Documents For Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate 

  • Application form
  • Commercial invoice
  • Laboratory Test Analysis
  • Sales Contract
  • Checklist for packing
  • The address of the destination of this plant item(s)
  • The address of the place of origin for the facility item(s)
  • Permits to import from the destination country for goods that pose an aforementioned risk of quarantine.
  • CITES documentation If your item is protected under CITES (Convention for international trade in endangered species) you will need to provide an original copy of the CITES documentation to show that the item was purchased, sold, and traded in a legal manner. This department can provide the re-export of CITES documents for the transportation of your plants to the new site.

Office Locations and Contacts

Plant Protection Laboratory
Botanical Gardens Botanical Gardens, 169 South Rd., Paget, Bermuda DV 04
P.O. Box HM 834, Hamilton, Bermuda HM CX
Phone: (441) 239-2322
Fax: (441) 232-4866


  • Registered exporter


Certificate to Export Plant Material $40
Certificate to Export Plant Material (same next day delivery)50$
CITES documentation for $35


This Certificate can be used for one shipping or consignment. Any new shipment must be issued an updated Phytosanitary Certificate

Processing Time

Two to three days


The plant materials and the container into which the plants are shipped must be taken into the Plant Protection Laboratory for inspection along with the application form, at the beginning of the day.

The Information You Need

  • The type of application
  • Codes
  • Type of package
  • The area of production
  • Country of origin
  • Exporting country
  • Address
  • Points of entry and exit
  • Batch number

The Document is required

The Phytosanitary Certificate can be used to verify that the shipment meets Phytosanitary import specifications.

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