How to Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In Israel

Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In Israel By Yourself

  • To apply for an application for a Phytosanitary Certificate The applicant should go to an official of the Plant Protection and Inspection Service. Contact details are provided below in the “office addresses and locations” section.
  • It is necessary to complete an Application form and submit it to the Plant Protection and Inspection service.
  • The application form is available by clicking the link below: Link
  • Complete the online application and fill in your personal details.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary documents listed under the “Required Documents””Required Document” section of this page.
  • The applicant must present the application form that has been filled in and all supporting documents at the time of application to the protection and inspection department.
  • If the application is acknowledged, the candidate will be obliged to pay a user fee in accordance with the guidelines.
  • The inspector visits the applicant’s premises and examines the shipment that is destined to be shipped out.
  • When the inspection has produced satisfactory results The inspector will issue the inspector with a Phytosanitary Certificate.

Required Documents For Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate

  • Application form
  • Commercial invoice
  • Sales Contract
  • List of packing materials

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact information for Plant Protection and Inspection service office: Link


  • Registered exporter


  • Information on the fees prescribed can be obtained upon request.


It is only valid for a single the consignment or shipment. A new shipment will require an updated Phytosanitary Certificate

Processing Time

1 week

The Information You Need

  • Application type
  • Codes
  • Type of package
  • Production area
  • Country of origin

Documentation is needed

The Phytosanitary Certificate can be used to verify that the shipment meets Phytosanitary import standards.

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