How to Apply for Certificate in Clinical Criminology In Israel

Apply for Certificate in Clinical Criminology In Israel By Yourself

  • The application for a Certificate of Clinical Criminology may be obtained by submitting an application with all required documentation in the Medical Professions Licensing Department.
  • Once the application is received The applicant’s eligibility to take the test is determined through the Medical Professions Licensing Department. A notice is sent to qualified applicants, requesting that they attend an examination, and to the address in the Ministry files.
  • The examinations are conducted through Dental Health Department Dental Health Department twice per year (winter exam and summer examination) and are advertised through the website as well as in the daily papers.
  • A letter stating the exam result as well as the applicant’s qualification to receive the certificate of a clinical criminologist will be sent to the applicant’s home.

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Required Documents For Apply for Certificate in Clinical Criminology

  • 2 passport photographs
  • Two photocopies of your identification card, along with an attachment displaying your address.
  • Tourists Passport photocopy with an active Israeli visa.
  • Questionnaire for those working in the health occupations (2 copies)
  • Application to take the federal licensing examination for clinical criminology. 2 copies
  • A bachelor’s degree from a reputable university
  • Master’s degree in clinical criminalology from a recognized institution, or, if the degree is not yet given, an acknowledgement from the university stating that you have successfully completed your studies and fulfilled all your obligations to the institution and can be awarded an education in this field that will be conferred after a specific date.
  • Official confirmation of studies commencement and end dates.
  • Statement regarding the examination

The two documents above and details can be accessed by clicking the link below : Documents and Information

Graduates from overseas universities are required to submit these documents as well as the documents mentioned above:

  • An official certificate that proves you have successfully completed the internship (240 hour hours).
  • License to practice abroad (if the license requested cannot be secured, an explanation written letter of explanation is required).
  • Professional licenses from the appropriate institutions, which include the date of commencement and expiration of each institution.
  • A professional certificate that demonstrates Good Standing from the authority empowered to issue this document in the country where the applicant came to Israel. The certificate says that there were not and there were no professional, disciplinary or ethics issues against the applicant.


  • Original certificates cannot be submitted directly to Medical Professions Licensing Department. Only copies should be submitted.
  • Documents that are certified as authentic should be signed by a notary licensed in Israel. The original notarized document (with the ribbon of red) must be delivered to the Division and another copy (a minimum of two copies).
  • Documents written in languages other than Hebrew and Arabic should translate to Hebrew by a professional translator from Israel. The original documents as well as the translation must be provided.
  • Israel graduates are allowed to present copies of diplomas or certificates of eligibility for degrees and certificates of professional skilling when the authenticity that they are true to the original was verified by the secretariat of the faculty in question.

Office Locations and Contacts

Medical Professions Licensing Department39 Yirmiyahu St.
P.O.Box 1176
Jerusalem 9101002
Telephone: 5400 08-6241010
Fax: 02-5655969
The hours are Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 am from 8:00am to 4:00pm .
Contact information for more contacts is available through the following link: More Contact Information


  • Someone who wishes to get an accreditation as a clinical criminologist in Israel must possess an advanced masters diploma in clinical criminalology. They must also have completed a rigorous training program and take the examination administered by the government for this field, if pertinent.
  • Minimum age of 18 years old.
  • Resident or citizen of Israel.
  • Has no dangerous disease.
  • In no case have they been found guilty in Israel or elsewhere or in other countries, of a crime or disciplinary offence that, because of the nature of the offense, its severity or the circumstances is inadmissible to be awarded a certification for a profession related to health or have not been the subject of any charge or complaint of this kind of offense filed against him, in the context of which a definitive verdict is not yet rendered.

Basic understanding of Hebrew.


The following can be submitted as applications for the clinical criminalologist certificate.

  • Someone who was issued the status of a clinical criminology Certificate issued by the Ministry of Health, either permanent or temporary, and was in force on the 22nd July.

Someone who passed the government-approved professional examination.

The Document is required

This document provides details on how to apply for an Certificate in Clinical Criminology in Israel.



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