How to Apply for Post-Secondary Grant Under The Programme of Advancement through Health and Education (PATH) In Jamaica

Apply for Post-Secondary Grant Under The Programme of Advancement through Health and Education (PATH) In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. For the Post-Secondary grant offered under PATH it is necessary to send your request to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS). Check out the MLSS contact information by clicking the following link: Link
  2. The first step is to obtain a confirmation letter from the educational institution you would like to join, stating students’ full names, the details as well as the length of the course.
  3. The student, accompanied by the parents or the legal guardians, or any adult member of the family must go to the MLSS office located in the parish where you reside.
  4. You can then download the appropriate request form via PATH’s PATH service section and then fill the form as needed
  5. Completely submit the application along with the acceptance letter as well as an identification document for the person who is the accompanying family member in the direction of PATH’s PATH representative at the desk for service.
  6. The official will review the application and if satisfactory, will forward it to the authority responsible to be approved
  7. Authorities from PATH will examine your application and, if it meets the requirements then it will be approved
  8. Once the benefits are approved, they will be transferred to the family representative of the student.

Required Documents For Apply for Post-Secondary Grant

  • Letter of acceptance indicating your student’s name in full, contact information the course’s length and duration
  • Document identifying the family member
  • Fill out the application form (Where it is applicable)

Office Locations and Contacts

LABOUR DIVISIONAddress: 1F North Street, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies
Tel: (876) 922-9500-9
Fax: (876) 922-6902/ (876) 922-0996

Social Security Division
Address: 14 National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4, Jamaica, West Indies
Tel: (876) 922-8000-2
Fax: (876) 924-9639
MLSS contact details:Link


  • Only those who have received at the very least one PATH benefit during their time at secondary school are qualified to be eligible for this award, which must be used within two years after leaving secondary school.


  • There is no cost for this application.


  • The benefit is only paid once

The Information You Need

  • Students with full names
  • Information about the Course and its duration
  • Learning institution details
  • Representative details

Documentation is needed

  • The grant is awarded to PATH beneficiaries to cover expenses for education.

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