How to Apply for Pocket Rocket Foundation Scholarships In Jamaica

Apply for Pocket Rocket Foundation Scholarships In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. For an application in to be considered for the Pocket Rocket Foundation Scholarship, you must visit the Pocket Rocket Foundation Scholarships office. Check out their Pocket Rocket Foundation Scholarship Contact details on this hyperlink: Link
  2. Download the application for scholarships at the office of the foundation’s foundation in person, or download it directly from this hyperlink: Link
  3. Check the information on the application form and fill in the application form in accordance with it. Make sure the application form be completed by the student, parent or guardian, as well as the principal.
  4. Find the documents to support your application and add them to the application form in one file
  5. Visit the office of the foundation and complete the application at the desk of service to be verified
  6. The foundation will review applications to see if the candidate has the necessary qualifications for the award of the scholarship.
  7. When the request is accepted If the application is successful, the student will be granted the scholarship, which includes meals, tuition, books and travel
  8. The money will be paid either monthly or annually

Documents that are required for Apply for Pocket Rocket Foundation Scholarships

  • The application form is completed and signed
  • One passport size picture
  • Most recent school reports

Office Locations and Contacts

Pocket Rocket Foundation ScholarshipsAddress: Ardenne Emirates, 7-9 Ardenne Road, Unit No.25
Tel: (876)-669-3910
Contact details: Link


Students from the 2nd-6th grade who participate in any sport and require financial aid are eligible to apply.


The application is available for free.


It is valid every academic year.

Documents to Utilize

Form for applying: Link


  • The student must keep a regular attendance to school.
  • A good behavior policy is required and students are expected to play active part within the school.
  • The student must keep at least 60% for five subjects.
  • The student must be a part of the school’s team at least in one sport activity.

Requirements Information

  • Information for students
  • Parent or Guardian details
  • Name and address of school
  • Achievement Details
  • Essay

Documentation is needed

The scholarship grants the funds for talented students participating who are involved in sports to further their studies

External Link

The SFP Link



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