How to Apply For ReExportation of Diplomatic Shipment in Egypt

Apply For ReExportation of Diplomatic Shipment in Egypt

Step 1 Fill in the declaration form.

First, submit the declaration form in customs to allow re-export of products from Egypt. You should then attach an inventory of the items which are going required to be shipped.

Provide a copy of the complete inventory of goods re-exported for the Director General of customs. The director should note that the items re-exported are personal in nature as well as for foreign diplomat, members of the government or international organisations.

  • Export exemption letter addressed to the Customs Director. Customs Director

All inbound shipments are subject to inspection by customs officials and the determination of customs duties and sales tax. Only diplomatic shipments that are fully diplomatically inspected are exempt from customs inspection.

  • As a result of customs inspections, magazines, books as well as other printed material have to be subjected Ministry of Culture Approval.

Three letters that are authorized and endorsed by a governmental umbrella, addressed to Alex. Director of Customs, Shipping Agency & Bonded Warehouse

  • Complete the form 126 km along with these documents
  • Diplomatic Card & Diplomat Passport Original
  • Air Waybill and Express Release duplicate
  • Documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of Foreign
  • The mission’s evidence and documents supporting it
Step II – Fill in the Personal Effects Statement form.
  • It is also necessary to provide a list of household items that are not in the declaration form. the items must be Personal Effects and they are not taxed at the time of entry.
  • People who take advantage of the basis release option for temporary purposes are exempted from duty on non-consumable goods (Electrical appliances, furniture vehicles, etc.)) however consumable items (Glass Ware; China Ware frames; CDs, etc.)) can be subject to duties. Shipping will be subjected to inspection by customs in order to allow the customs authorities to identify the consumable as well as non-consumable goods.
  • The customs duties and taxes imposed by customs on the items of the vehicle will be paid in the event when the car is sold, or disposed of locally and cannot be exported again when it’s time to ship outside the nation. No diesel engine allowed.
  • The 126KM form issued on exportation has to be sent to customs officials and should be filled out by the individual (Diplomat,member of a government agency or an international organisation) However, you can designate someone else such as a freight broker or customs broker, friend or family member to act for you. This form is available from every Egyptian Consulate or Egyptian Tax Authority and Border Point of entry, or from your customs broker and on ETA website. It is accessible in a range of foreign languages, but the form must be filled out with English as well as Arabic.


About 126KM Form: Alexandria Customs (sea shipments) provides the form for non-electrical and electrical items; Cairo Airport Customs only accepts the form for electrical appliances with serial numbers and model numbers engraved on the item.

Step 3 Include the documents below
  • Initial Document of Lading.
  • The owners Diplomatic ID.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Arabic Note from Ministry of Foreign Affairs addressed to Customs Authority in Alexandria.
  • Arabic Note from Ministry of Foreign Affairs addressed to the Director of Alexandria Port Traffic Department.
  • Arabic letter from Embassy at Bonded Warehouse and Steam Shipping line in Alexandria.
  • Arabic note from Embassy, addressed at the Ministry of Civil Defence.

Required Documents For ReExportation of Diplomatic Shipment

  • Original Bill of Lading (OBL) or Air Way Bill (AWB).
  • Packing List (Shipment Description Inventory).
  • Original passport consignee along with an entry permit as well as an entry permit for tourists.
  • 2 Authorization letters, or power for attorney, to Express International.
  • A work permit is not needed.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Manpower and Immigration

DR. Nahed ElAshry’s image

3. Address Youssief Abaas St Nasr City Cairo

Telephone number. 22609366 – 22609368 – 22618019

Fax: 22618019



How to Apply For ReExportation of Diplomatic Shipment in Egypt
How to Apply For ReExportation of Diplomatic Shipment in Egypt
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“Mr. Nabil Fahmy img

Address Masbero-Kornish, El Nile St.Cairo

Telephone number. 25749817

Fax 25748822



Ministry of Finance

Mr. Hany Kadry img

Address Nasr City

Telephone number. 23428886 – 23428010 – 23428830

Fax 26861680 286181

Fax: ++2(0)2 26861861

Email Address:



Egyptian Tax Authority


What are all the Eligibility

  • To be eligible for re-export of household goods, you must be diplomats from abroad and members of the government, or international organisations like the UN leaving Egypt with personal property whether new or used.
  • The full diplomatic shipment is not checked, but international members of the organisation and members of the Government are required to be inspected when they re-export their goods.
  • In order to be eligible for Re-Export household goods, you have to be an international Diplomat who will be returning to another country following the completion of the time that they served in Egypt.
  • Army personnel who have completed their service in Egypt and are required to return to their countries of origin, must provide two letters. One from the Ministry of Defense from their country of origin and another from the Ministry of foreign affairs.


  • Customs duty is equal to 30 percent of the amount of the merchandise determined by the customs assessor.
  • Tax on sales equals 10 percent of the value of the item determined by the customs assessor.
  • Egyptian Citizens must pay the full amount of duty and tax for the import of their household items.
  • Egyptian consignees do not need a residency visas, but they do require a new entry stamps not more than 3 months old.


Valid for the time you are exporting your goods from Egypt.

Processing Time

Three to four weeks less than the day of departure Egypt.


  • You must be an international Diplomat or be a member of the international or government organizations, and be are currently or plan to departing Egypt following the completion of your term of service.
  • You are required to provide Ministry of Foreign Affair Letter from your country of origin.
  • It is mandatory to provide Ministry of defense letter if you work in Egypt.
  • Only Diplomats can re-export their vehicles once the client returns to his home country.
  • The Temporary Registration must be obtained through the carrier

The Information You Need

    • The full name and contact information of the person seeking a re-exportation of household goods;
    • Sex
    • Date of Birth
    • Nationality
    • Visit purpose;

Contact details and information.

The Document is required

This occurs when a Diplomat’s consignee leaving the country of posting and returning to their country of origin or another and then re-exporting household products and personal items previously brought into Egypt after the contract is due to expiration date.

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