How to Apply For Register a Birth in Denmark

Apply For Register a Birth in Denmark

The birth takes place in the hospital:

The midwife should report to the registrar at the residence authorities (the municipality of Jutland or a parish across the world).

If parents marry one another, their paternity is can be recorded.

If you are not married to one you and would like to be together to look after and take charge of your children, you may make a declaration using the following form “Caring and responsibility declaration”.

If the authorities are notified of an accountability and care statement within 14 days following the birth, paternity is established. I automatically gain the joint custody rights of my child.

You can notify the birth of your child and paternity digitally using a digital signature.

You can also get the form of a midwife or print it yourself.

Complete the form and return your completed form to the church in which you are.

At home deliveries:

You can inform the birth of your child and paternity electronically using a digital signature.

Before you call, make sure you contact the parish and request an individual number for the child.

You could also download the form of a midwife or print it yourself.

Complete the form and return this to your parish in which you are.

You live abroad

If you don’t have an Danish Registered address you must forward the application to the parish where the birth was held.

You will receive a form for the midwife. You could print it.

Complete the form and mail it back to the church in which the birth took place.

Required Documents For Register a Birth

The mother’s birth or name certificate needs to be submitted with the birth announcement. In the event that parents have married the father’s birth certificate or name certificate as well as the marriage certificate of the parents must be presented as well. The mother is in obligation to disclose who the father of the child is. In the case of inheritance and alimony, the father’s name should be mentioned in the birth announcement.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Economic Affairs and the InteriorSlotsholmsgade 10-12
1216 Kbenhavn K
CVR-no. : 33 96 24 52
EAN-no. : 5798009814128
Telephone: +45 72 28 24 00
(Mon-Thurs 9-16, Fri 9-15.30)
Citizen inquiries:
Other questions:

Ministry of Equality and Church
Person Registration
Rdhusstrde 2A
1466 Copenhagen K

Church Ministry
Frederiksholms Kanal 21,
1220 Copenhagen K
Phone: 33 92 33 90
Office hours are Monday through Thursday. 9:00 to 16:00 on Friday. 9 – 15:30

Locate parish

How to Apply For Register a Birth in Denmark
How to Apply For Register a Birth in Denmark

Parish Portal

What are all the Eligibility

The child should have at the very least the equivalent of one Danish National as an adult in order to be the Danish citizen.

Documents to Utilize

The Notification of Birth


After a birth after a birth, the midwife fills in the necessary forms to record the birth. They then submit these forms to the Registerer for the State Church, who will issue an official birth certificate. These forms must be submitted to the nearest State Church office (even if the family members are part of different religions or do not worship at the church) in the location of the residence within 14 days of the birth.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the child’s name
  • Names, occupations, and addresses of godmothers, parents and sponsors
  • Street and number
  • Birth registration Location
  • Marital Status
  • Citizenship

The Document is required

A baby’s birth has to be recorded. Usually, the midwife is responsible for the announcement. However, in the event of birth that was not performed by the presence of a midwife, parents are required to be notified of the birth. You can notify your child’s birth using an application called “Notification of Birth” within 14 days following the birth.

Other uses for the document/certificate

It is beneficial for society to be aware who is born inside the state. Births must be recorded within 14 days of the time it occurs. This is why the child’s birth is entered within the CPR.

If your child is born, authorities have to be notified that the child is born within 14 days, so that the child is issued an Social Security number and a birth certificate.

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When the parent of an unborn child is born outside of wedlock, wants to recognize paternity, he can do so when registering the date of the birth, sign an undertaking in writing (a known as a care and responsibility declaration) of this kind. The form can be found and completed in

The form should be filed alongside the birth registration. Parents can be granted joint custody of their child.

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