How to Apply for Renew a Standard Firearms (Gun) Licence in New Zealand

Apply for Renew a Standard Firearms (Gun) Licence in New Zealand

  • You must fill out an application. Use the link found under the “Documents to Use’ section to download the form. Don’t complete the test at the bottom page of the document (multiple security tests) at this time.
  • Send the form to an PostShop to pay for the renewal. Take the confirmation receipt. It is possible to take two passport photographs required in the next step, at the PostShop.
  • Take the following items to your local police station:
    • the application form
    • Old license
    • the proof that you’ve completed the security course
    • Two passport photos from recent times (for the rules regarding passport photos, visit this website). Department of Internal Affairs website for more information). click here
    • Three documents to prove your identity (passport birth certificate, passport, driver’s licence photo ID, credit card/bankcard)
    • Contact details of two distinct reference numbers of two people. The first referee should include your spouse, or the next of kin. The second must be someone older than 20 years and is not related to you.
    • PostShop receipt for the cost of fees.
  • Someone will schedule a visit to you. The person will interview you, and then check the security of your firearms. They will schedule an interview with your witnesses. Firearms Storage
    Before a permit is issued it is essential to demonstrate to the authorities that your firearms are kept in the manner laid by the Arms Regulations. If they believe that there is a violation of the rules , the licence you have currently could be cancelled. All licence holders are required to install security in their homes even if they do not possess firearms. Security requirements are especially strict for dealers as well as license holders with firearms that are restricted or pistols as well as MSSAs.
    It is not advisable to put an firearm in a place where children is likely to be able to reach it.
    You should keep ammunition and firearms separately or disable the firearms or both.
    It is essential to keep your firearms not loaded and stored in the form of a rack, stout cupboard or steel cabinet, or in a strongroom.
  • When the vetting procedure is completed, you will be informed of the outcome. If your application was successful, a license will be given to you.

Required Documents For Renew a Standard Firearms (Gun) Licence

  • Old license
  • The completed application form
  • The proof that you’ve completed the safety training
  • Two recent passport-style photographs (for guidelines on passport photos, please visit the Department of Internal Affairs website link. hyperlink
  • Three documents to prove your identity (passport birth certificate, passport, driver’s licence photo ID, credit card/bankcard)
  • Contact information for two referees. One of them must either be your spouse your next of kin. The second must be someone older than 20 and not related to you.
  • PostShop receipt for charges.

Office Locations and Contacts

New Zealand Police

What are all the Eligibility

For a normal firearm license you must be sixteen years of age.

The license will permit you to make use of unsupervised:

  • sporting shotguns and rifles
  • Pneumatics that have been pre-charged (PCP) air guns.

You will require a specific endorsement to your licence (called an endorsement) to:

  • have or use firearms to shoot targets (B endorsement)
  • You can collect guns and restricted weapons as well as stage performances with guns and weapons that are restricted (C endorsement)
  • own or use own or use (MSSA) shotguns or rifles (E endorsement).


If you’re 18 or over, you do not require a permit to possess or use an airgun without supervision. You must have a valid firearms license to use air rifles with pre-charged batteries with the exception of those used in paintball or airsoft games.

If you’re aged 16 or 17 and want to purchase or carry an air gun unsupervised You will require a firearms permit of the standard.

You may have difficulty getting legally deemed fit and proper to use or possess firearms if:

  • A history of violence
  • frequent involvement in the use of drugs
  • have been unresponsible when it comes to the consumption of alcohol.
  • an intimate or social relationship with those deemed ineligible to be granted access to firearms
  • expressed an intention to make use of a gun for self-defense.


Costs for Application (including GST):

  • Standard license (valid to 10 years) It can be renewed prior to expiry $126.50

(Note that any endorsements in force when renewal is due could be transferred for free to the new license)

  • Standard license expired (previous expiration or was revoked) — $241.50

(Note that any endorsements made on an expired or revoked license have to be reapplied for and the endorsement fee must be paid)

  • Standard licence endorsement(s) – $204.00

for any endorsement (when you apply for them simultaneously) You can be:

  • target pistols (B endorsement)
  • semi-automatic shotguns or rifles in the military style (E endorsement)
  • A collection of pistols or weapons with restricted access (C Collections, Museum or Collector endorsement)
  • pistols or restricted weapons for performing a play/film/re-enactment (C Theatrical endorsement)
  • firearms, restricted weapons or pistols for sale or hire (F endorsement for dealers).


  • Standard license Valid for 10 years.

Documents to Utilize

Standard Firearms Licence Application Formula (PDF)

The document is needed

  • A firearm is any object from that any shot, bullet missile, or other projectile may be released through the force of an explosion.
  • You are able to use a sport firearm without a license when you are under control of an immediate licensed owner. “Immediate supervision” implies that the person who is licensed has access to and is able to manage the firearm. The person in charge must not be carrying a firearm simultaneously.
  • To use firearms unsupervised, you need to have an ordinary firearms license. A standard license lasts for 10 years.
  • Here is a step-by-step guideline on how to renew your Standard Firearms (Gun) Licence.

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