How to Apply For Renew Passport in Honduras

Apply For Renew Passport in Honduras

  • In order to renew your passport, you’ll have to book an appointment with the National Migration Institute at the branch of the bank you prefer. Visit the website of INM for information on how to make an appointment (contact information is provided below).
  • You must present a valid identification document and pay the amount.
  • When you are scheduled, make a visit to at the Office of National Migration Institute and bring all the required documents.

If you’re outside Honduras

You can use the hyperlink listed under “Office Locations and Contacts” to connect with the closest Embassy of Honduras in the country where you’re currently. The consular service department of the Embassy will take care of the request for renewal of your passport.

Required Documents For Renew Passport

  • Application is complete
  • Passports that are expired or expiring
  • Identity proof
  • Birth certificate

Office Locations and Contacts

Instituto Nacional De MigracionCol. Las Torres in front of City Mall
TEL: 504 2234-1996 / 504 2234-1998

Honduras – Embassies


  • For 5 years valid: USD $ 35
  • For 10 years valid: USD $ 50
  • Passport issued by consulates, valid for the period of five (5) years $50.00 50.00
  • Passport issued at consulates for 10 (10) years of the following: $60.00 60.00

Banks that are authorized:
CREDOMATIC release, Bac.

The Document is required

This document outlines how to renew a passport that was issued in Honduras.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • A passport is an internationally recognized travel document that is internationally accepted.
  • A passport is acceptable to prove Honduran citizenship and the identity of the holder.

External Links

Instituto Nacional De Migracion



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