How to Apply For Single Status Certificate (Certificado de Solter’a) in Honduras

Apply For Single Status Certificate (Certificado de Solter’a) in Honduras

If you are a Honduras resident, are a single, you can apply for a single status certificate (Certificado de Solter’a). This is typically a mandatory requirement for marriages at the international and national levels. The certificate can only be obtained through the Municipal Civil Registry from where you registered. Follow the steps below on how to request your one status certificate:

  1. Create the necessary documents :
    • Identification proof such as passport, ID card, RTN The National Tax Registry, any other legally valid identity documents.
  2. Print your receipt TGR-1 and send it towards the National Registry of Persons
    • Input the URL TGR-1 
    • Enter your personal details. In the Institution option, select item 180. Then, in the item selection, select item 12218. Enter the amount 200L, and then print the receipt TGR-1. Pay the receipt at any bank.
  3. Go to the appropriate RNP Office RNP
    • Bring the receipt in and follow the officer’s instructions to submit your application for one status certificate.
  4. Confirmation procedure
    • One has completed the request, it’s in the process of confirmation They will then issue the single status certification within the next 3 to 5 days.
  5. For use in other countries (if necessary)
    • If you want be able to make use of the document travel purposes, then you need to follow the steps below to authenticate the certificate:
  1. Print and pay for another TGR-1 receipt of 200L that is similar to the previous section.
  2. Go to the secretary general of the RNP located in Tegucigalpa, Morazan Boulevard, Villatoro Building, first floor OfficePresent the certificate as well as the receipt for the paid TGR-1 to the officer in charge, then follow the instructions given by the officer to ask the document to be authenticated. The authenticated document the following day.
  3. Visit the Secretary of Foreign AffairsSecretaryPresent the authenticated document and follow all of officer’s guiding to request the Authenticated and Apostilled Certificate of Solitude, and pay the applicable fee by make and pay again a receipt TGR-1 for 150L in the bank. The certificate is now valid to use abroad.

Required Documents For Single Status Certificate

The proof of identity you provide is

  • ID card,
  • Passport,
  • RTN National tax registry, also known as
  • Other documents of legal identity.

Office Locations and Contact

National Register of PersonsRegistro nacional de las Personas
Local government office
Address: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Plus code: 3RX4+XM Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Phone: (+504) 2221-5512 / 2221-5516
More information is available at the link. Information

the Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Address: Juan Ramon Molina Avenue, 1st Street, 7th Avenue, Old Central Bank Building,
Downtown Neighborhood. Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America.
Phone: (+504) 2236-0200 / 2236-0300

What are all the Eligibility

  • a Honduras resident
  • are one


  • 200L for Honduras Internal single status certificate
  • By adding 350L to verify the certificate to be used abroad


  • Until you get married



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