How to Apply For Renewal of Airline Operating Permit in Egypt

Apply For Renewal of Airline Operating Permit in Egypt

(i)Application to renew the Airline Operating permit (AOP)is made in written form addressed to the Director General the Egypt Civil Aviation Authority(ECAA).

(ii) (ii) The form must be signed by an individual legally approved to sign the application by applicant.

(iii) The application of the Airline Operating Certificate (AOP)is then sent to the Director General of Egypt’s Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) at or before a deadline of at least one (6) months prior to the expiration date of the current AOP.

Required Documents For Renewal of Airline Operating Permit

The following documents are needed to process the application:

(a)Receipt of payment in the amount of five fifty thousand LE(250,000.00).

This includes;

  • LE150,000.00 processing fee
  • LE100,000.00 utilization fees.

(b) Documentation of use of the Certificate consists of the following information:

(i)Number and (ii)Type (s) of the aircraft in operation;
(ii)Insurance of the aircraft used which includes cargo, passengers, and third-party.
(iii)Routes that are operated
(iv)Total total number of passengers, mail and cargo transported during the time of operation for the expiring permit.

(c) Documentation of the submittal of monthly statistical reports on operations Authority.

(d) Documentation of regular and current date payment of aviation fees.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Transportation

“Mr. Hany Sayed Mohamed Dahy image

Address: Nasr Road, Nasr City, Cairo

Phone number: 2400814 22604884

Fax: 22610510

E-mail N/A


Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority??)

TEL: 002 22677617

AX: 002 22688232



How to Apply For Renewal of Airline Operating Permit in Egypt
How to Apply For Renewal of Airline Operating Permit in Egypt

What are all the Eligibility

A person who is applying of Aircraft Operators permit Renewal shall fulfill all eligibility requirements as stated in Regulation of the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority Regulations:

An air operator is eligible to renew the certificate only if

  • An Egyptian citizen. Egypt,
  • A person who is a citizen of another State, who is legally admitted to permanent residency in Egypt,
  • A legal entity that is operating under Egypt’s laws. Egypt which is situated and used primarily in Egypt,
  • A government-owned entity of Egptian or a political subdivision of it or public enterprises, as well as Developmental Associations of Egypt.


A yearly cost of LE100,000.00 is due to the Authority. Authority


The validity of renewals for an Airline Operating permit (AOP) is three (5) years.

Processing Time

Processing can take 30 days to complete or less.


Aircraft owners must submit an application for an aircraft operator’s certificate and apply for a registration permit to their aircraft through Egypt Civil Aviation Authority Division Aircraft Registration Unit, if the aircraft is located in Egypt.

The process must be done within 90 days prior to the expiration date of the Airline operating certificate. The certificate is due to be renewed each year until the end of February.

  • It is illegal for anyone to fly an aircraft that is not a civilian one unless it is renewed by the operator at the time of expiration.
  • The certificate for renewal of the aircraft will be issued in English.
  • The certificate of an aircraft operator permit is given through Authority Authority in the form described in the regulations.

The Information You Need

  • Aircraft Number
  • Serial number
  • Year of production
  • Model
  • Manufacturer
  • Aircraft type
  • Horsepower
  • The date aircraft arrived in Ethiopia
  • The date of purchase for the aircraft
  • The location where the aircraft is typically where it is

The Document is required

Airline Operating Permit in Egypt is valid for 5 (5) years, and is renewed each 5 years according to those terms and conditions as can be set by the Authority as and when it is necessary. time.If it is found that the AOP is not used at the time of expiration, it will not be extended by the Authority The holder can be subjected to application for an issuance that is new.

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