How to Apply For Renewal of Microfinance Bank License in Egypt

Apply For Renewal of Microfinance Bank License in Egypt

A microfinance institution requesting renewal of its business license must submit the following

  • Send an Application letter to renewal
  • Application for renewal of business license as well as any changes to the details of the license that are currently in effect;
  • Original business license of the microfinance institution
  • proof of payment for renewal fee or penalty.
  • Resolution of any issues that are pending (if appropriate)
  • Show the Original Certificate of License from the MFI

Required Documents For Renewal of Microfinance Bank License

  • Documentation of registration of the trade name by Ministry of Trade and industries or Regional Trade Bureau.
  • Minutes of the first meeting of organizers as well as the attendance sheet.
  • Prospectus submission, which is a written statement that explains and predicts the future course or nature of the business and the expected risks to be given to potential investors.
  • Written Renewal request to open a subscription account that is blocked in which your name as the bank(s)/branch (es).
  • The application form must be completed according to Parts II and I of the Directives for organizers and project managers.
  • Completely filled out questionnaire on propriety in accordance with the attachment III of these directives, for project coordinators and organizers.
  • The evidence of payment for the investigation fee.

Office Locations and Contacts

Central Bank of Egypt

Contact Information

Central Bank of Egypt

54 El-Gomhoreya Street

11511, Cairo Egypt


Tel:+202 27702770

Tel:+202 27701770

Tel:+202 25976000

Emails: General inquiries / Complaints

HelpDesk RTGS

Fax:+20 2 25976081

What are all the Eligibility

  • The company must operate as an Micro finance Bank and registered under the Companies Act as a limited liability corporation whose principal purpose is to manage the business of a foreign exchange broker.
  • A Forex bureau can be set up by any qualified corporate body or company that is approved from the National bank of Egypt to accept deposits and to pay deposit.
  • An Forex Bureau applicant must be an Egyptian National with a valid passport and be employed in the field of Microfinance.


  • A microfinance company applying to renew its business license must pay a the renewal fee of LE 1000.
  • Fee for renewing licenses of LE 500


Valid for 1 year.

Processing Time

Processing can take up to 7 working days.


  • It is illegal for anyone to conduct any Microfinace Bank business unless he/she has an Microfinance Bank business License.
  • Any person who infringe or fails to comply with the provisions of this section will be guilty of a crime and will be punished in accordance with the law.
  • Must be organised in the form of share companies.
  • Minimum No. of founders has to be five
  • The shareholders must be Egyptian citizens or entities that are owned 100% by Egyptian nationals.

Requirements Information

  • The full name of the applicant
  • Address of the Applicant
  • Where is the Foreign Exchange Bureau
  • License Number
  • A tax clearance document.
  • Documentation of tax payments made in the form of a provisional tax
  • Complete names, addresses and the names of employees of the bureau.

The document is needed

A microfinance company must renewal its license to operate each year. A microfinance institution that is applying to renew its business license must pay a the renewal fee of LE 2 000.

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How to Apply For Renewal of Microfinance Bank License in Egypt
How to Apply For Renewal of Microfinance Bank License in Egypt



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