How To Getting Married In Azerbaijan

How To Getting Married In Azerbaijan

If you are planning to get married in Azerbaijan make sure you have all necessary civil documents, including the papers (divorce and death certificates) that confirm the conclusion of your previous marriage including translated documents into Azerbaijani. These documents must be original or copies certified by the court.

It isn’t possible to sign up for marriage without having a legally valid Azerbaijani visa. Visas are available at the home country’s Azerbaijani Embassy.

Request a Certificate of No record of Marriage. It is required by the Government of Azerbaijan requires foreign citizens who want to get married in Azerbaijan to present an official certificate in the form of No Record of Marriage issued by the Vital Records Department of his residence or your diplomatic embassy, unless an Azerbaijani citizen or a national of a country that Azerbaijan recognizes as a marriage partner. The certificate must state that no marriage record was discovered for the named person. If the person who is applying has been previously married then he or she must provide an annulment certificate for marriage, and if he or she is widowed, then the original marriage and death certificates should be submitted along with the death certificate.

Keep in mind that all of the previously listed documents need to be certified (Apostille) from the authority in charge of the country that issued them or country, and changed into Azerbaijani language, and then handed over to the ZAGS office.

Visit The ZAGS Office. It is suggested that you call your local Main Registrar Office (ZAGS) for the most up-to deadline requirements for registering your wedding. After you have completed all the necessary documents and have completed the required paperwork, your Main Registrar Office (ZAGS) will accept your marriage certificate (available at the ZAGS offices) and will provide you with an official date for your marriage.

Documents Required Getting Married

  • A valid entry visa is required to Azerbaijan (for those who are not foreigners)
  • Passport/ID card
  • The completed application form
  • Anyone who was previously married should have evidence of their civil status (divorce paperwork or death certificate) from the country you are in
  • “Certificate for No Record of Marriage” issued by the Vital Records Department in your country (for foreigners)
  • Receipt to confirm the payment of state duty (this is payable at any branch of Kap)

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of JusticeAddress 72, Azadliq Avenue
Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku Azerbaijan, Baku
Tel: (99412) 404-42-81
Fax: (99412) 404-42-99

Registry Service of the Civil Status Acts. Registry Service of the Civil Status Acts
Tel: (99412) 404-42-44; 404-42-07
Working days: I-II–III-IV-V;
Hours of operation: 9:00 – 18:00
Lunch: 13:00-14:00
Weekend: VI-VII
Hot line
(99412) 404-42-87
(99412) 404-42-88

A list of the regional (city) Registration divisions

Contact details for Notary Offices located in Baku: Click here

What Are All The Eligibility

The marriage age to marry in Azerbaijan Republic is determined: for men , 18 years, and for women – 17 years.

If there’s a valid reason the body that is in the executive authority (local body that are part of the executive authority) of the area where the minors who wish to get married and reduce their marriage age upon request, but no more than a year.


The cost for registration of marriage is 5 AZN.


  • The marriage is dissolvable in the event of death or an adjudication of a spouse as dead.
  • Marriage may be ended on the request of either spouse or upon the request of the spouse’s guardian who is judged in a position of being disabled.
  • A husband doesn’t have the right to pursue divorce claims during the time of the pregnancy of his wife, or for a period of one year following the birth of the child without consent from his wife.


According to Azerbaijani law one of the couple, either groom must be either an Azerbaijani citizen to be able to get the marriage recognized in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan’s Main Registrar Office (ZAGS) is the sole authority to register marriages where a foreign national is in the.

As per the Presidential Decree on Azerbaijan, as per the Decree of President of Republic of Azerbaijan dated 31 July 2002, in addition to the regional (city) divisions to register civil status laws and the registration of regional marriages in cities, living districts and villages is drafted in conjunction with the representations of the regional, city and town executive power authorities to provide pleasant conditions for the residents of villages and districts that are far from towns.

The marriage registration process is not permitted between:

  • Close family members (parents or children grandparents and grandparents siblings and brothers with a common father or mother);
  • Adopted persons and adoptive parents;
  • individuals if either of them are married in a marriage that is not their own;
  • people if both of them are determined by the judge to be disabled because of mental illness or being mentally retarded.

The Information You Need

  • Your full name
  • Sex
  • Birth date and location
  • Nationality
  • Personal identification document number
  • Marital status (never divorced, married or widowed)
  • The full name of your fiance or fiancé

The Document is required Getting Married

You can marry in Azerbaijan in the event that the bride and groom are an Azerbaijani citizen. In accordance with Azerbaijani law, the civil registration of every marriage is required. weddings with a foreigner have to be registered with the Main Registry Office (ZAGS).

The minimum age to marry is 18 for men and 17 for women or a year earlier in certain circumstances.

The process of being married is quite simple but it is time-consuming and a lot of planning and organizing is needed to ensure that all the required documents are correct.

Information that can be useful

Regional (city) divisions responsible for the registration of civil status documents from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan is responsible for the registration of marriages and civil documents completes, rectifies the records, recovers lost records, archives and issue duplicate certificates. At present the country has 86 regional (city) divisions that are responsible for to register civil rights acts on the territory of Republic of Azerbaijan.

Foreigners need to seek permission by the Azerbaijani government before they can marry with a citizen of Azerbaijani. It is necessary to show Azerbaijan officials that you are already married and not someone other than yourself – or you have not been married before or the divorce process is finalized that your identity has been established and that you have not been convicted of any crimes in Azerbaijani. This can be accomplished by providing various documents such as the Affidavit Of Single Status (SSN) to the Azerbaijani government either through Azerbaijan or through an Azerbaijani Embassy.

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How To Getting Married In Azerbaijan
How To Getting Married In Azerbaijan


Medical examination of married couples as well as consultation regarding issues related to medical genetics and family planning are provided by municipal and state medical facilities at the location of residence for the couple free of charge as long as they have their consent.

The results of a medical exam of the couple are a classified as a medical secret.

Should one of the couple individuals concealed from the other the fact that they had dermato-venerologic illness or a condition that is caused by the virus AIDS The other party is entitled to make an appeal to the court declaring the marriage unconstitutional.

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