How to Apply for Replacement Electronic Permanent Residence Card In Bahamas

Apply for Replacement Electronic Permanent Residence Card In Bahamas By Online

  1. Anyone who is interested in getting an Replacement Electronic Permanent Card must obtain approval through the Department of Immigration to do this. Link to Contact Link
  2. How to Apply for Replacement Electronic Permanent Residence Card In Bahamas
    How to Apply for Replacement Electronic Permanent Residence Card In Bahamas
  3. Stop by the offices. Fill out the application form for replacement of Electronic Permanent Residence Card.
  4. Complete the application form and attach it to the letter of request addressed to Director of Immigration together with the supporting documents listed within the “Required Documents” section below.
  5. Send the form to your Department of Immigration, along with the fee. See to the “Fees” page for further information.
  6. After the application has been completed and accurately completed, the applicant must call the inquiries unit at 502-0550 within a 3 – four week time frame to request an update on the status that was used to fill out the form.

Required Documents For Apply for Replacement Electronic Permanent Residence Card 

  • A letter of request addressed Director of Immigration
  • Photocopy of biographical data page of the current passport of the applicant (must be read and signed with at least 2 (2) days validity)
  • Two (2) recent passport photos of the applicant on white background with the applicant’s name on the back of the image (captured during the period of the six (6) month of applying The photo’s size must be 2 inches by 2 inches.)
  • A police report (if you believe that the certificate or permit has been stolen or lost)
  • Return the document issued when the replacement reason is due to damage/defacement

Office Locations and Contacts

Bahamas Immigration Department
Lynden Pindling International Airport
Tel. (242) 604-0199/ 604-0201
Bahamas Immigration Department
Prince George Wharf Office
Tel. (242) 604-0203/ 604-0204

Bahamas Immigration Department
Detention Center
Tel. (242) 604-0182
Site: Link
Contact Link
The hours of operation are 9:00 am until 5:45 pm, Monday to Friday, with the exception of public holidays.

Notification: On islands where there isn’t any immigration presence, Bahamas Customs or the Administrator’s Office performs agency functions on behalf of the Department.


People who lost or had their Permanent Residence Card stolen can apply for replacement.


  • $200.00 non-refundable processing charge (payable via cash or credit/debit card, post/money orders, bank certified cheques)
  • $100.00 document fee to be paid after approval (payable in cash, credit or debit card, money or postal orders, or bank-issued checks)


This certificate will be valid for a lifetime until it is cancelled.

Processing Time

In a 3-4 week timeframe following the when the application is submitted.


Please be aware that:
1. All documents issued by countries other than The Bahamas must be properly checked (by an apostille or legalization) and be signed by authenticity from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs before they can be accepted for submission. Apostille is required on every birth, marriage as well as death certificates from nations which have signed The Hague Apostille Convention. For a complete listing of Hague Apostille Convention nations, please check out Hague Apostille Convention signatories
2. A certified translation that are certified in English is required with every document from a foreign country and must include an Bahamian $10.00 Postage Stamp attached to it.
3. Translations should be prepared by a professional who is fluent in the language used.

The Information You Need

  • The date of the first arrival in The Bahamas
  • Date of arrival with regard to Permanent Residence
  • Name in complete (in the form of block letter)
  • Nationality
  • Birth nationality
  • Religious Denomination
  • Birthplace and date of birthplace and date of
  • If naturalized, specify the date and place.
  • The nationality of mother and father
  • The name of the wife (or husband)
  • Nationality of the wife (or husband)
  • Specifics about children
  • Passport number, date , and location of issue
  • Date passport expires
  • Present domicile
  • The status of the applicant’s immigration (state whether the applicant is a Work Permit Holder (or Annual Resident, Visitor)
  • Information on the duration of residence in The Bahamas
  • Other residences during the last five years
  • Address currently in use
  • Have you ever been found guilty of a crime? (If so, give details)
  • The education at home can be done in conjunction with overseas
  • Remarks on character (Names as well as addresses for at least two characters))
  • Financial references
  • Current Work
  • Normal Occupation (if it is not as described in the above)
  • Does the applicant have his own residence located in The Bahamas? (Note it’s not important whether or not it’s subject to mortgage)
  • If answer no. 26 is negative Do the applicant plan to construct a house in The Bahamas
  • Financial Enquiry (for people who are looking for employment in the Bahamas)
  • Experience and training
  • Location
  • Signature
  • Date

The Document is required

The Certificate of Permanent Residence (CPR) is certificate that demonstrates legal status. It is issued to a person for the remainder of their life, unless cancelled, and allows the individual to live and work.

Information that could be helpful

Individuals who gained Permanent Residence status through the act of marriage to the Bahamian citizens will be required to provide a copy of their Bahamian spouse’s passport along with the marriage certificate.

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