How to Register a Logo In Maldives

Register a Logo In Maldives By Online

  1. To apply for a logo registration to be registered in Maldives the person applying for registration has to get in touch with for assistance from the Ministry of Economic Development.
  2. The application is made in person or via on-line.
  3. When you submit the application form, make sure you’ve attached all of the required documents listed in the section on Required Documents of this page.
  4. If the registration is successful of a business The company’s applicant will receive the following documents:Logo Register Certificate and Copy of the Payment Receipt.

More details as well as application forms

How to Register a Logo In Maldives
How to Register a Logo In Maldives

Required Documents For Register a Logo

  • Completed Logo registration application form.
  • Copy of the business name registration approval (if appropriate)
  • Softcopy of the logo
  • Copy of registration certificate for business
  • Registration fee
  • Revenue stamp

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Economic DevelopmentBoduthakurufaanu Magu, Male 20125
Republic of Maldives
Phone: +960 3323668
Fax: +960 3323840
Call Center: 1691


  • MVR $50 per month in accordance with the fee schedule you have requested.
  • Tax stamp for revenue of MVR 25.

Documents to Utilize

Formulary for application to be used: Forms for applications

Processing Time

One day.


  • You must be a registered company (a partnership, company co-operative society, or sole owner) with the Ministry of Economic Development.
  • If there’s any writing or words within the name (logo names) that is not in line with your business’s name, the logo must at first be registered to be a company name .
  • Cheque payments are accepted but only with guarantees from banks.

Documentation is needed

This guideline will provide you with information on how to register the logo of your current company in the Maldives.

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