How to Apply for Reregister a Vehicle in New Zealand

Apply for Reregister a Vehicle in New Zealand

  • The vehicle should be taken to an agent for registration. Provide proof that it was previously registered within New Zealand and that youre the one who has the right to register the vehicle. Documents must show your vehicle at the time it was initially registered, was designed and constructed in accordance with the regulations in force at the time.
  • A vehicle is checked through the agency. A VIN is attached to it , if required and a confirmation of conformance with the registration regulations will be given. The agent will charge a fee for inspection of the vehicle and for certification. The information regarding your vehicle is entered into the registration of vehicles.
  • The vehicle is eligible for a fitness warrant at the time it is inspected by the agent.
  • Re-registration and license of the vehicle could also be completed by an agent, to allow you to legally use it for driving. The fee for reregistration and license includes the cost of new number plates as well as the license labels that are required. The vehicle is able to be registered at any time by the agent or within the time that the certificate in the certificate is still valid.
  • Your vehicle can be driven in the event that it is equipped with new number plates license label, warrant of fitness and (if appropriate) RUC licence attached.

Required Documents For Reregister a Vehicle

  • Evidence that the vehicle has been registered before with New Zealand and that youre the only person who is entitled to reregister the vehicle. The evidence of previous registration could be old registration documents or other documentation that confirms the vehicle’s VIN or chassis number, for instance number plates, an exercise warrant sheet or number plates, as well as insurance policy documents that display the chassis number or VIN.

Office Locations and Contacts

Register Agents

Palmerston North OfficeLevel 3 43 Ashley Street
Palmerston North

Private Bag 11777
Palmerston North 4442
New Zealand

Telephone: 64 6 953 6396
Fax: 64 6 953 6203

National Office

Victoria Arcade
50 Victoria Street
Private Bag 6995
Wellington 6141
New Zealand

Telephone: 64 4 894 5400
Fax: 64 4 894 6100


What are all the Eligibility

A vehicle is able to be registered when it’s not registered:

  • It was recorded as a resident of New Zealand before, and
  • It hasn’t been structurally damaged, or degraded.
  • isn’t changed.


The fees for registration and license are determined by law and differ according to the type of vehicle size, engine size and usage.


Method to register an automobile:

  • Inspection of safety
  • Certification
  • Registration
  • Licensing.

A registration agent is able to perform the following steps. The proof that the vehicle has already been registered with New Zealand must be provided.

The vehicle’s driving: until the registration and licensing procedure is completed and a vehicle is not able to be driven on the roads. it has to be towed or moved.

Documentation is needed

  • If your vehicle’s registration was revoked and you wish to put the vehicle in the future, there are many procedures you must follow initial inspection, certification, renewing your registration, obtaining a license and obtaining the registration plate and label.
  • Here is a process for re-registering light vehicles (have an estimated gross vehicle mass of 3500kgs or less, such as vehicles, vans and utilitarian vehicles) which were registered with New Zealand.

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