How to Apply for Sales Tax Number (STRN) In Pakistan

Apply for Sales Tax Number (STRN) In Pakistan By Online

  • Make an application on Form STR-1 to every tax-facilitation counter located at the closest Regional Tax Office (RTO).
  • A local RTO transmits applications directly for processing to the Central Registration Office.
  • After confirmation after verification, the CRO issues the registration Certificate that bears the registration number, and sends the registration certificate to the company that has registered in the prescribed Form STR-5.

Instructions for Online Application

  • Go to to begin the online process.
  • Choose a new e-registration in the dropdown menu of e-Registration in order to start the registration process.
  • Choose the appropriate application type (New Registration or Change in Particulars FED Registration or Duplicate Certificate)
  • Choose the type of taxpayer you want to use (Individual AOP, Individual or Company)
  • Enter the CNIC or NTN or Reg. Inc as per the type of taxpayer you choose Name, image and tax symbol, and click OK to continue.
  • The category you have selected will be displayed in the following page (Individual, AOP, and Company).
  • Once you have completed your online application form check and submit your application if you wish to submit your application online.

Required Documents For  Apply for Sales Tax Number (STRN) 

  • Incorporation Certificates in the case of business
  • PTCL Landline bill/Mobile Postpaid bill
  • Form III/Form A is sent to SECP in the event of a Company
  • Statement of the facts in cases that apply to AOP
  • Accounts at the bank of the applicant
  • GPS image of the business as well as the address of manufacturing .i.e. For manufacturers: image of business Premises, Manufacturing Premises, Electricity Meter of Manufacturing premises and Gas Meter if it is installed.

Office Locations and Contacts

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Islamabad:
Plot No. 20 Service Road
Mauve Area
G-9/1 Islamabad.
Phone: 051-9106391
Fax: 051-9106391

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Sargodha:
80-Jail Road
Phone: 048-9230653
Fax: 048-3720480

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Sialkot:
Income Tax Building
Kachery Road
Phone: 052-9250402
Fax: 052-9250408

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Hyderabad:
49-Site Area
Customs House Building
Phone: 022-3886950
Fax: 022-3886918

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Sialkot:
Income Tax Building
Kachery Road
Phone: 052-9250402
Fax: 052-9250408

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Quetta:
Custom House
Airport Road
Phone: 081-9213117
Fax: 081-9213118

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Abbottabad:
Main Mansehra Road,
Opposite Cantonment Garden
Phone: 0992-9310234
Fax: 0992-9310235

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Peshawar:
Jamrud Road
University Town
Phone: 091-9216138
Fax: 091-9216158

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Faisalabad:
Opposite Allied Hospital
Jail Road
Phone: 041-9210397
Fax: 041-9210402

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Sukkur:
Quence Road
Phone: 071-9310140
Fax: 071-9310146

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Gujranwala:
Main Tax Tax Building
GT Road
Phone: 055-9200733
Fax: 055-9200723

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Lahore:
6th Floor Tax House
Syed Mojederya Road
Phone: 042-99211827
Fax: 042-99211816

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Multan:
LMQ Road
Phone: 061-9200815
Fax: 061-9200844

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Rawalpindi:
12 Mayo Road,
Rawalpindi (West)
Phone: 051-9270405
Fax: 051-9270465

Regional Tax Office (RTO) Karachi:
12 Floor of the Tax House, 12th Floor. Tax House,
Attaturk Karachi.
Phone: 021-99211782
Fax: 021-99211781


The following industries are required to register for sales tax as well as charge the sales tax for their productsor services:

  • Manufacturing
  • Import
  • Services
  • Distribution, Wholesale and Retail stage.


No cost

TRF Registration for Taxpayers (TRF 01 for STN/NTN


Processing Time

6 days


  • A Registration Form(s) are sent by the Central Registration Office, FBR and sales Tax Collectorates/ RTOs for the allocation of a Registration Number to those who are required to become registered in accordance with the Sales Tax Act.
  • The taxpayer then receives an official certificate of registration.

Requirements Information

  • Type of Application
  • NTN
  • Taxpayer Type
  • CNIC
  • Name
  • Employer Information
  • Information on all bank accounts.
  • Details of all businesses/branches/outlets etc.
  • Business Activities and HS Code
  • Other Business Activities that are in addition to the principal activity described above.
  • Business Nature (IT ST)
  • Register for
  • Rep./Authorized Rep.
  • Director/Shareholder/Partner
  • Declaration
  • Postpaid mobile connection under the applicant’s name. Please provide a scan of PTCL or mobile postpaid bills as proof.
  • Principal activity The appropriate activity should be chosen from the available list
  • Electricity for commercial or industrial use as well as gas connection for companies and retailers. Nos as well as Consumer Nos.
  • A commercial electricity reference numbers are required by manufacturers.
  • Gas connection , if installed
  • Electricity connections for commercial use to wholesalers, traders etc.

The Document is required

A registration number for sales tax is a number assigned from the federal government in Pakistan for taxation that is paid to a governing authority for the sale of specific goods and services. The law usually permits the seller to collect money for the tax from the buyer at the time of the purchase.

Information that can be useful

The Sales Tax General Order No. 4/2007 authorized electronic filing of the tax returns for sales; and , as of July 1, 2008, the electronic filing process became obligatory for all types of taxpayers.

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Particularly, changes can be handled if you’re currently enrolled (for more information, refer to the procedure for enrollment).
After logon and go to the Registration=>Enrollment=>Change profile and update the information accordingly. 

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