How to Apply for Spouse and Family Visa In Morocco

Apply for Spouse and Family Visa In Morocco By Online

Appointments for the submission of the visa application can be booked on-line on the website:

To be granted the Spouse visa, you’ll typically need to be proficient in English. Most often, the tests include reading and LISTENING, as well as writing.

Required Documents For Apply for Spouse and Family Visa

  • Each applicant must submit the following documents:

Spouse Visa Requirements The below documents are required for anyone Moroccan citizen who wants to bring his wife from abroad to Morocco:

  • (original plus 2 copies of every document, unless stipulated)
  • Completely filled out visa application form.
  • Two of my personal photos.
  • A replica of Moroccan husband’s passport.
  • An official written consent of the spouse.
  • The marriage agreement must be in writing.

Family Visa Requirements: The following documents are required by anyone Moroccan citizen who wants to get an Moroccan admission visa to his children

  • Completely filled out visa application form.
  • One photo of me personally.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • A duplicate of the father’s or mom’s passport (the passport of the father or mother).
  • An official written confirmation from the father or mother (from either the father or mother).
  • 2 copies of the data page of spouse’s passport plus 2 copies of the Morocco entry visa , and as per entry and exit stamps, in the event that applicable
  • If spouse doesn’t have two copies of Foreign Residence Permit
  • Two passport photos that are identical according to biometric specifications. One attached to the application form, and two loose identical passport photographs of the spouse based on biometric specifications.
  • Marriage certificate
  • Two copies of all wedding certificates as well as divorce decrees issued from previous marriages, if applicable.
  • birth certificate/ certified authentic copy of birth certificate or declaration of age made to either of parents or heads of the family, if both parents have passed away.
  • Affidavit* of marital standing of the applicant as sworn to either of their parents, or the head of the family if the parents have passed away.
  • All school certificates, baptismal cards in the event of a need, and any other biographically old document (vaccination card, voter’s card etc.)
  • full names, addresses, and phone numbers of parents in the event that they have died, certificate of demise or death certificate
  • Complete names, exact addresses and phone numbers of siblings and brothers.
  • Complete names, addresses and telephone numbers of two additional people who can be a reference in Morocco.
  • full names, addresses, and phone numbers for the witnesses to the wedding.
  • The exact location of the last two addresses you have exact location of your last two addresses Morocco.
  • the exact addresses and names for the institutions you went to as well as times you spent there.
  • specific names and addresses of employers from the past specific addresses and names of former employers Morocco over the last 10 years.
  • If available, wedding photographs as well as old photographs of the family members of the applicant
  • If you have children that aren’t traveling with you, Birth certificate, declaration of age, as well as the contact information and address from the parent who is not traveling with you.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Avenue F. Roosevelt Rabat Morocco

Telephone: +212 3 776 15 83

Tel : 537-762-81/ 761-583or 761-123/ 761-195

Fax: +212 3 776 55 08/537-765-508/ 764-679


Website :


The visa is granted to the spouse of the Moroccan resident, and the members of the household (sons or daughters the Moroccan resident).

A. immediate relatives

  • spouse
  • widow(er)
  • Minor
  • Children who are not married
  • the parents of the parents of Moroccan resident who’s of 18 years old or more.

B. Residents Returning to the Area

  • Former Lawful Permanent Residents of a the foreign country.
  • returning to Morocco after having spent more than one year.

C. Family-Based

  • Spouses,
  • Children
  • unmarried sons
  • daughters younger than 21 of lawful permanent residents
  • The children of married sons and daughters of Moroccan citizens, parents and spouses.
  • Sisters and brothers of Moroccan citizens as well as parents and spouses.


The visa fee, which is sixty dollars (payable by Moroccan cost only) is due at the time of making the visa application. This is a processing charge that cannot be refunded when the visa isn’t granted.

Visa applications to join with the German spouse are not free of cost.


Valid for 3 years , it is possible to renew it, however after some time, it turns irreverent.

Processing Time

  • The Consulate General is working to complete every application as swiftly as it is possible.
  • Submission of all documentation and other information is required. The process usually takes between. 5 – 6 months.
  • Do not contact us within the first three months.
  • In the event that the sponsor is accepted, it could take 4-7 months to Rabat


  • It is required to be a wife, husband or family member to any Moroccan citizen.
  • If the husband or wife requires a marriage agreement or marriage certificate.

Requirements Information

This information will be mandatory for anyone Moroccan citizen who wishes to bring a foreign spouse to Morocco:

  • Forms for visas that are correctly completed.
  • One photo of me personally.
  • A duplicate of Moroccan husband’s passport.
  • An official written consent of the spouse.
  • An original copy of the wedding contract.

The document is needed

This is an Moroccan entry visa that is granted to spouses of Moroccan national, as well the members of the household (sons or daughters the Moroccan resident). The applicant has to make an application in person to the Morocco Embassy for the visa and provide the required documents as listed below.

This kind of visa, also known as a diplomatic visas, are free of cost. Be aware that, even though”spouse” is a term used to describe a “spouse” is either a husband or wife who is considered to be their spouse The term is commonly employed in Morocco to mean the wife from abroad of an Moroccan husband.

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