How to Apply for Rental Value Certificate In Morocco

Apply for Rental Value Certificate In Morocco By Online

  1. Visit for the Office of General Directorate of Taxes.
  2. Bring all the necessary documents.
  3. Then, present the documents.

Required Documents For Apply for Rental Value Certificate

  • Applications (form AAP0 19)
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card or Residence Card
  • The application of a rental value certification (form AAP019F)

Office Locations and Contacts

General Directorate of Taxes

Tel: 0537 – 27-90-60/61/62Fax: 0537-77-55-76

The Minister for Economy and Finance

Tel: + (212) 5
Fax: + (212) 5

Other contact numbers of the directorate of taxation:


Person concerned.


There is no cost.

Processing Time

It can take up to up to 24 hours or even a whole day to process your application.

Need to have the Document

Here are the steps to submit an application to obtain a rental value certificate for Morocco.

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