How to Apply for Student Government Scholarships in Nigeria

 Apply for Student Government Scholarships in Nigeria In online

  • For an application in for Student Government Online Scholarships, applicants have go to the online portal that is operated by the Federal Scholarship Board of Nigeria by clicking on the hyperlink: Link

  • Registered users are able to click the “Existing Users Login” button and log in using their credentials for the user into the required fields before clicking the “Login” to confirm their login.
  • Go to the portal and click the “Apply for Nigeria Award Scholarship (NA) 2020/2021” button. On the next page follow the directions and click on the “Apply Today” button.
  • Complete the registration page by filling in the required information and clicking the “Register” option. A successful account creation will be notified.
  • Enter the user credentials you have entered on the registration page, and then click “Login” link. On the homepage you will find the instructions for registering on display.
  • The first step is to complete your Bio information by clicking the “Click here to complete” link beneath Bio data in the “Profile Completion status tab. Then, you can finish the process.
  • Upload your Passport by clicking the “Choose File” button. Enter your bio information in full as appropriate and click “Save” option.
  • Once you have completed your “Parents/Next of Kin information page by entering the information required and clicking the “Save” click.
  • On the next page on the next page, you must complete the “Current Academic Level’ section and select the “Save” option. Upload the scans of all important documents requested by clicking the “Choose document” button on the following page.
  • Once you have all the documents required Complete the application process and submit your application following the instructions on screen as applicable.
  • Following submission of the request, your application along with additional documents can be sent to be examined and verified.
  • After the verification and verification processes are complete The application will be approved by the authorities and they are now able to begin the required steps to register.
  • The person applying will receive information of the other tasks that need to be performed.

Documents Required For Apply for Student Government

  • The completed application form
  • Institution Admission Letter
  • Proof of Birth
  • LGA Certificate
  • Certificates of Academic Qualifications
  • Form for registration of the course currently in session
  • Yearly Reports of the previous Graduation
  • Identity card from the currently in use Institution
  • Copy of Passport

Office Locations and Contacts

Federal Scholarship Board,Plot 245, Samuel Ademulegun Street,
Central Business District
Tel: +2348077884417
Site: Link
Contact Link: Link
Google map directions: Link

What are all the Eligibility

  • Anyone studying from Nigeria who would like to receive a scholarship to study from the government is eligible to apply.
  • The student applying for the position must meet the requirements for grade in the qualification.


  • It’s completely without processing costs.


Valid for one year.


  • Candidates are advised to read the guidelines that are on the very first section of online applications.
  • The applicants are advised to fill in the application form in a neat and thoroughly with complete clarity and accuracy in order to avoid rejection. In addition, all necessary documents must be submitted fully.

The Information You Need

  • Applicant information
  • Identification number
  • Contact and address information
  • Academic information
  • Number of the student ID card

Documentation is needed

  • The Student Government Scholarships may be requested by anyone Nigerian student who is able to get the required grades to be eligible for the scholarships , and who is in seeking financial aid to continue their studies.

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