How to Apply for STR Subject to Regularization Visa in Nigeria

Apply for STR Subject to Regularization Visa in Nigeria By Yourself 

Note Regarding COVID 19-related disruptions prior to starting a new application and/or making a transaction, please call the Nigerian consulate or immigration office to inquire about opening times, dates and the hours of operation. Apply Online

  • To apply for an Subject to Regularization (STR) Visa online, applicants need to go to the Nigeria Immigration Portal by clicking the link below: Link

  • On the screen that appears open, select the drop-down box under the ‘Processing Country choice and select the country you want to apply for you VISA in, scroll down until you reach the “Start application” button.
  • A message with a dialogue will pop up that requires you to click the “Acknowledge” option. On the next page, you will have to choose any of the email addresses listed on the page and log in using your credentials for the account.
  • The next screen will ask for the information of the user. Fill in all fields that are required and then click “Submit” click. A dialog with a hyperlink will open, please go through the “Data Protection Policy If required, click the “Acknowledge” option.
  • Then , your online application will be displayed. In the initial step, you’ll have to enter the name and other details of the applicant. then upload a passport sized photo. Complete the required steps and then click the “Next” step.
  • Step 2 will open Follow the steps carefully before entering all information in the appropriate fields. Once you have completed the required fields, click “Next” option.
  • Complete the 3rd step the same way procedure as the first one, supplying the required information including uploading the passport data pages and filling in the other information required. After that, click the “Next” to continue.
  • Additionally, complete the additional steps by entering the necessary information and then clicking the “Next” option. After you’ve completed the fifth step make sure you check the declaration box, and then click the “Submit application” button.
  • The applicant’s profile page is displayed. Make sure to check it once, and then click the “Proceed for Online Pay” button. On the page for payments choose payment Currency “Pay In Dollars” option. Click on the “Continue” click.
  • Complete the payment in the manner that is applicable in the VISA document within the section for payment using the on-screen instructions.
  • On the next tab you are able to print and download the successful receipt of payment using the appropriate option. You can then keep it in your pocket.
  • After submitting your online form for application, you must make hard copies of the application form and include it to the documents listed under the “Required documents” section on this page.
  • Contact the Office at the Nigerian Diplomatic Mission or applicable VISA Application center in your country. Take all the necessary documents and then submit the required documents to the appropriate authority.
  • You may also submit your application via mail to the address for postal mail of the appropriate Nigerian Diplomatic Mission.
  • Other decisions will be taken by officials in the event of need as well as you’ll be informed of the additional tasks to be carried out as appropriate.

Documents Required For Apply for STR Subject


  • Acceptance of Responsibility for Immigration from the employer on the application form
  • A completed IMM22 form as well as the printed copy
  • Expatriate Quota Approval
  • Six months valid Passport that has minimum two pages of blank
  • Size of passport photos (two numbers)
  • Proof of payment or receipt
  • Documentation to prove financial support
  • Appointment Offer and Acceptance letters
  • Documents depicting Educational qualifications
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Board Resolution Extract


  • Principal Regularization proof
  • Marriage Certificate (in the case of a spouse)
  • Evidence of birth (confirming the relationship)

Office Locations and Contacts

Nigeria Immigration Service,
Nnamdi Azikiwe Int’l Airport Road,
Sauka, Abuja.
P.M.B. 38, Garki,
Phone: +2348119753844
Web site: Link
Ministry of Foreign Affairs contact link: Link

What are all the Eligibility

  • Anyone who wishes to travel to Nigeria as expatriates for reasons of education or employment, for a specific purpose, or any other motives can apply.
  • Someone who plans to travel to this Republic as a dependent with those who are traveling for a particular reason is also qualified to apply for the STR Visa.
  • A person who is applying for Subject To Regularization Visa Subject To Regularization Visa should be a holder of an Passport with a validity of 6 months.


  • Information on fees and charges based on destination of the visitor are available within the “Embassy VISA Fees” section on the following webpage: Link OR you can consult the next document Link


The visa issued in this category is valid for 3 months.

Processing Time

The department requires approximately 7 days to process an application beginning with the date of receipt.


  • Because Subject to Regularization Visa is issued for different reasons like employment, Education, Research, Service etc. The applicants are advised to locate and present the required documentation from the listed of appropriate.
  • The applicants are advised to go through and check the directions on the screen prior to clicking “Start Application” button.
  • Candidates can inquire with applicants can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Nigerian Immigration Services for contact and address details for an Embassy in the country of citizenship.
  • If you choose a processing country that is not Nigeria the payment will be made in US Dollars. Then, you will be directed to a reputable payment processor to finish your application and pay using US Dollars.
  • Please note that you can reschedule your interview date to the next available date by sending your Application id, Reference no and the proposed date to the following support email address:

Requirements Information

  • Name of the visitor
  • Email ID
  • Address details
  • Mobile number
  • Birth details
  • Applicant particulars
  • The passport number as well as the Nationality
  • Other passport details
  • The reason and the time of the time of the
  • Permit for receiving mission
  • Contact details and address
  • Details about the employer and job description
  • Recent information about trips and stays
  • Particulars about banking

Documentation is needed

  • Anyone must have an STR (Subject to Regularization) VISA if an outsider and has been to in the Republic as expatriates visiting Nigeria to pursue education, Employment and other particular motives and dependents of expatriates.

Information that can be useful

  • The decision on applications will be made available via email to the applicant’s postal address or phone number(s) provided on the application form.
  • Certain citizens of a foreign nation may be able to travel to Nigeria without visa if they fit into the categories of those who are exempted according to visa waiver, visa-free and reciprocity agreements as well as bilateral agreements.
  • Check out the “Subject to Regularization Visa” category on the next page to find out more: Link

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