How To Apply for Student Visa In Australia

How To Apply for Student Visa In Australia

The applicant must begin by submitting the application form for admission to the university.

  • Wait for an invitation letter to be delivered and based on it, you must complete your Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (eCoE) procedure.
  • After receiving the eCoE form the school The student then has to apply for a student visa
  • The applicant then lodges the application electronically by visiting the official Australian visa website
  • The applicant must satisfy the requirements for obtaining a student visas, such as financial capability, proficiency in English in order to be able to satisfy with the visa requirements.
  • An application is screened in accordance with one of five Assessment levels for each visa sub-class.
  • The applicant is required to pay the visa fee with a credit card or via the Bpay.
  • It takes 7 days for the processing of the payment.
  • With the online application, you can instantly obtain a Bridging Visa, which allows you to live in Australia and continue to study during the time your request is handled.
  • Within 7 business days of the submission of your application online you will receive the decision to approve your application.
  • If there is any insufficient documents, you will be first sent an email or a formal letter informing you to send the additional documents that you will need in order to file the application.

Documents that are required Student Visa

  1. Application forms are available on the internet at
  2. The proof of payment for Visa Application fee
  3. A Confirmation Of Enrolment Form (COE) This will be provided by the host university when the #Application has been accepted.
  4. Acceptance letter from the university of choice, it will contain the proposed study plan.
  5. A letter (from your institution of choice ) confirming that you are an Study Abroad Student)
  6. Recipient of health insurance in the overseas region (issued after OSHC is paid).
  7. Passport
  8. 2 passport sized photographs.

Office Locations and Contacts

Student Visa CentreDepartment Immigration and Border Protection
GPO Box 1393
SA 5001

What Are All The Eligibility

Any person from outside the country who is over 16 and who has been admitted to an Australian school of learning


An Australian student visa costs $535.


This Australian student visa can be used for up to 50 weeks

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

It takes anywhere from 7 to 14 days for the complete an Australian student visa.


  • To get an academic visa for Australia it is necessary to be registered in the Australian institution and obtain the Confirmation of Enrollment (COE).
  • The forms are provided from the Australian institution you’ll be going to. They are typically given after fee for tuition has been paid.
  • Students who plan to submit an application for visa to study must check the Assessment Level and the requirements for applications on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.
  • The student visa is valid only when it is coupled with an accredited program offered by a few Australias schools.
  • Visa is linked with an enrollment confirmation (COE = Confirmation of Enrollment) that identifies the beginning and end day of course.
  • It is possible to combine several courses under this visa like an English course or an educational course.
  • The minimum length of an associated training course for visas is twelve weeks. The the maximum length is 50 weeks.
  • Every student visa applicant must affirm that the student visa is an indefinite visa, and that being granted an student visa does not guarantee that they’ll be granted the right of a visa extension to stay in Australia.

The Information You Need

  1. Student Visa class
  2. Name
  3. Sex
  4. Birth date
  5. The place of birth
  6. Status of relationship
  7. Current country of citizenship
  8. The preferred language
  9. Passport number
  10. The country of passport
  11. Date of passport’s issue
  12. Expiration date for passport
  13. Authority for passport issuing
  14. Information about identity
  15. Country of residence
  16. Contacts
  17. A residential address in Australia
  18. The highest level of qualification achieved outside Australia
  19. Information about the courses to be followed for study in Australia
  20. History of employment since leaving university/school
  21. English language details

The Document is required Student Visa

A Australian Student Visa allows a foreigner to work and study within Australia for a period equivalent to the length of the course and one additional month (28 days following the final day of the class).

  • Each student looking for the highest quality education and training in Australia for longer than three months is required the option of applying for a student visa.
  • You are eligible for a student visa only if are planning to enroll in an accredited course or part of an approved course on an ongoing basis.
  • There are seven visa subclasses within the student visa program of Australia: the visa class that you’ll be evaluated is determined by the main subject of studying.

Information that could be helpful

  • Student Visas do not have age limitations and can be needed multiple times.
  • Student Visas are an excellent way to try the short-term study as well as work experience

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