How to Apply for Technical Assistant Permit In Malawi

Apply for Technical Assistant Permit In Malawi By Yourself

  1. Prepare and gather all the necessary documents required to complete your application. Visit the Malawi immigration department office at your area to collect the application form.
  2. Complete the application with the correct data and attach the necessary documents.
  3. Send the completed application to the Immigration department office for verification and processing.
  4. The immigration officer who received the application will review your application, and then forward it to processing.
  5. When the process is finished and your application is accepted after which you will be informed and asked to pick it up at the Immigration Office.

Register Online

  1. Go to the Malawi online permit portal using the following link: Apply online
  2. You can create an account simply by clicking the “Login” hyperlink in the information bar. Choose “create your account” then set your account and log in.
  3. Once you’ve signed in, click “New” in the top of the page to begin your application.
  4. Open the Drop-box , then scroll down until you can select “Technical Assistant Permit (TAP)”
  5. Scroll down to the bottom while reading about the permit. Cross make sure you have all the required documents
  6. On the last page, click “Apply Right Now” to begin the process of submitting your application.
  7. Complete all the necessary information on all the forms and complete your application for processing and issuance an DP Permit

Required Documents For Apply for Technical Assistant Permit

  • Complete the application form
  • Letter of authorization from the Secretary of Treasury
  • Form of authorization is issued from Malawi’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Malawi Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Copy of Passport showing the data page
  • Copy of Visitor’s Passport /Business Permit

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services, Malawi
Blantyre – Immigration Head Quarters
PO Box 331, Blantyre, Malawi
Telephone Number Call Number: +265-1823777
E-Permit Contact Details: Link


  • Technically qualified personnel who will undertake any development activity in Malawi for any international organisation or the country of Malawi


  • There is no cost for this application


  • It is in effect for the time frame specified in the permit, and is subject to renewals.

Processing Time

  • Within five working days.


  • You must renew the permit after it runs out
  • You are able to add dependents to this permit

Requirements Information

  • Personal details
  • Application details
  • Upload documents

The document is needed

  • This document proves that we they are permitted to participate in the projects funded by the respective foreign mission or country . Malawi

External Links

  • Immigration department: Link



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