How to Apply for Temporary Admission of Motor Vehicles In Morocco

Apply for Temporary Admission of Motor Vehicles In Morocco By Online

  1. Visit go to the Office of Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes.
  2. Bring all the necessary documents.
  3. Then, present the documents.

Required Documents For Apply for Temporary Admission of Motor Vehicles

  • Documents that pertain to the vehicle
  • Residence rights abroad
  • Authorized power of attorney certified for the event that a third party is importing the vehicle.
  • For vehicles that are rented The rental contract must contain the agreement of the business for the vehicle to be registered into Morocco
  • Insurance for frontiers (green card) If the insurance is not applicable to the Moroccan area, then you can purchase insurance at counters that are open at the border office

Office Locations and Contacts

Administrative of Customs & Indirect TaxesPhone Number: 0537-57-90-01/02/03.
Fax Number: 0537-5-57-90-13 Other contact numbers: link


Moroccan citizens abroad who are a physical person, legal entity, or representative.


There is no cost.

Need to have the Document

The following are the steps to follow on how to apply for temporary admission to motor vehicle owners in Morocco.

  • A motor vehicle, or a motorcycle with two wheels and the capacity of a cylinder that is greater than 80 centimeters that is imported under temporary admission (TA) of nationals who live in other countries (Moroccans or any other) is declared as the resident of Morocco in customs office in Morocco.
  • The two parties concerned (which benefit from the TA and the resident of Morocco) both go to the customs office of their choice in order to get the transport method involved.
  • It is worthwhile to mention that:
    • The process of obtaining clearance for motor vehicles temporarily admitted to Morocco is accompanied by the payment in addition to import duty and taxes, of a penalty of 1500 DHS along with a stamp tax of forty DHS (for not meeting the obligations that the beneficiary has made under the policy of temporary admission, namely the return of your vehicle in the specified deadline)
    • To prevent any claim from arising In order to avoid claims later on, verify that the on-site vehicle specifications on the receipt as well as the certificate of clearance match those of the imported model.

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