How to Apply for Temporary Admission Parts and Spare Parts In Morocco

Apply for Temporary Admission Parts and Spare Parts In Morocco By Online

  1. Visit go to the Office of Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes.
  2. Bring all the necessary documents.
  3. Then, present the documents.

Required Documents For Apply for Temporary Admission Parts and Spare Parts

  • An application from the company of an Moroccan or an international assistance company , which has been approved through the Administration of Customs and Direct taxes on behalf of the individuals concerned ( Moroccans who reside abroad or foreigners who reside in Morocco)
  • The ticket must be an air ticket (air waybill or another) that covers the journey of the spare component imported into Morocco that was arranged in the name of a Moroccan assistance organization authorized to do this to do so by the Administration of Customs and Direct Taxes or under an account of any of the representatives in Morocco of foreign assistance organizations. The passport must contain references of the vehicle that is that is to be repaired and also the name of the person who owns it.
  • Following the approval by the department concerned the applicant has to be able to submit:
    • Documents for the vehicle that need to be repaired
    • Declaration D16 or D16 bis ter

Office Locations and Contacts

Administrative of Customs & Indirect TaxesPhone Number: 0537-57-90-01/02/03.
Fax Number: 0537-57-913 Others Contact Numbers link


Moroccan Assistance company. Or one of the representatives local of foreign assistance organizations that is appointed by an individual Moroccan living abroad. Moroccan assistance company belonging to one of the local agents of overseas assistance firms or an international tourist.


There is no cost.

The Document is required

Here are the steps of how you can apply to temporary admissions or spare components in Morocco.

Temporary entry (TA) refers to an economic customs regime which allows businesses to import without taxes, duties, prohibitions and restrictions on entry equipment and various products, free of taxes, duties or restrictions on entry.

Parts and spare parts to repair of motor vehicles owned by private individuals which are registered overseas and Imported under this system could be granted by an Company or Moroccan local representative of assistance for foreign assistance organizations delegated by the Moroccan living abroad or a tourist at a customs bureau located in the Kingdom located at some of the customs office inside Morocco.

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Temporary admissions parts and spare parts to repair of motor vehicles that are registered for passenger use at a foreign country:



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