How To Apply for Temporary Passport In Argentina

How To Apply for Temporary Passport In Argentina

  1. In order to get a visa temporary applicants must make an application to the closest Argentine consulate.
  2. Before visiting the embassy, first confirm whether you require an appointment prior to making. The hyperlink beneath “Office Locations & Contacts” to contact the closest diplomatic representation from Argentina within the nation where in which you are currently in.
  3. Certain embassies require applicants to submit their documents by mail prior to the date of their appointment It is therefore important to talk to the diplomatic staff prior to submitting an application.
  4. For embassies who require temporary applicants to provide their documents via postal mail on the day of your appointment when your application is accepted, you will receive an interim passport, and all of your documents will be will be returned to you.

Documents Required Temporary Passport

  • Four (4) recent, identical photos in colour, four by four centimeters or 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches, white background, face fully front view, and eyes open Make sure the photo shows all of your head from the top of the head to shoulders (not include hats, sunglasses or sunglasses).
  • Submit the DNI/L.E/L.C and Passport. If you are a person who is under a removal order the passport is accepted as photocopies which have been certified through the relevant Migration Authority.
  • If a passport is lost, the person who applied for the passport is required to submit a police report of the loss.
  • Money order or certified cheque made payable to “Consulate General Argentina”. Be sure to contact the closest diplomatic representative in Argentina located in the place where you are currently in to inquire about the exact amount.
  • For Argentine citizens who are subject to removal orders A formal letter from the Migration Authorities requesting the issuance of a temporary passport as well as specifying if they have to pay the passport cost (and/or fees) and.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Argentine RepublicEsmeralda 1212, City of Buenos Aires C1007ABR – Argentine Republic
Telephone Number. + 54 (11) 4819-7000

Argentine Representations Abroad

How To Apply for Temporary Passport In Argentina
How To Apply for Temporary Passport In Argentina

What Are All The Eligibility

The temporary pass is given to Argentine citizens who do not possess the DNI (green booklet) as well as to those who have been issued a removal order issued by Migration Authorities.


The Temporary passport will be valid for 60 days after the date it was issued and is only valid for travel to Argentina. It is only valid one time and isn’t allowed to enter to the United States of America or any other country that requires a travel or tourist visas for Argentine Passport holders.

Information that could be helpful

Candidates are advised to book the quickest flight possible to Argentina or, if the flight includes certain stops, to determine if the countries concerned don’t require a tourist or transit visa.

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