How To Apply for Termination of Residence In Czech Republic

How To Apply for Termination of Residence In Czech Republic

  • Make the application in the form of a letter.
  • Choose one of the following locations and send the following letter:
    • Registration office located at the place of residence
    • At the Municipal Office
    • in Prague and the territoriality split into within Prague, and statutory city offices urban districts or boroughs as provided in the city’s statutes or elsewhere the Embassy of the Czech Republic
  • The required document must be presented. (Refer to the section on Required Documents for more information.)
  • Pay the amount.

Documents Required Apply for Termination of Residence

  • Write down this information in writing. Paper-based communications must include a signed certificate of the person signing it. This does not apply if the citizen sign a document before an office for registration or the employee of the Embassy. If the form for communication of a data-based message is completed, the person when filled in, signs it with an electronic signature that is recognized by the government or delivers through boxes for data

authenticate the identity with the identity card or passport to prove the identity of an identity card or.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of the Interiorpostbox 21
Prague 7 Letn
170 34
Telephone: +420 974 811 111 (switchboard operator)

MOI office

Processing Time

Registration Office writes data on the expiration of permanent residence without delay, but not later than three working days after the date that the modification or creation of the information associated with the registered figure is heard.


  • Communication is free.
  • The expiration of permanent residence for the Czech Republic expires identity card. The municipal authority, with expanded power, who issued his ID card, either to the Registry Office or to the place of permanent residence, is obliged to provide the identity document within fifteen days of being informed of the fact.

Documentation is needed

  • The date on which a person can end their permanence in Czech Republic means a day that a citizen has sent an acknowledgment of this fact to the to the relevant reporting office, or a date later, according to this document as the time of the termination of residence permanent within the Czech Republic.
  • Here are the steps for applying to end your residence in the Czech Republic.

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How To Apply for Termination of Residence In Czech Republic
How To Apply for Termination of Residence In Czech Republic



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