How To Apply for Transit Visa In Angola

How To Apply for Transit Visa In Angola

  1. Download the Angola Visa Application Form from<=en
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Complete the forms at the Angolan Consulate in your country.
  4. The applicant is issued an acknowledgement of visa entry application’s submission

The most effective method to obtain the transit visa is upon arriving at an airport the port of entry. To obtain a transit visa, one must complete the following steps:

  • Arrive at the airport
  • In the application form, fill in the details;
  • All the documents required;
  • Make the payment and
  • Apply for an entry visa

Documents that are required Apply for Transit Visa

1.Two Transit visa applications that have been completed

2.Two recent passport photos in color of size 4×5 cm, with white backgrounds

3.Passport as well as any valid travel document, endorsed by Angolan authorities

4.Proves that you are the owner of an entry visa to the country of destination or to be exempted from this

5.Hold an air ticket to the country of destination

6.International Vaccine Card.

Office Locations and Contacts

Minister: H.E. Mr. Assuno Afonso dos Anjos

Foreign Relations State Secretary:

H.E. Mr. Georges Rebelo Chikoti

The State Secretary of Cooperation

H.E. Mrs. Exalgina Rene Vicente Olavo Gamboa


Rua Major Kanhangulo, 47

Palcio do Comrcio

C.P. 1233

Luanda, Repblica de Angola

Phone: (00244 222) 395627, 395679

Fax: (00244 222) 324306

How To Apply for Transit Visa In Angola
How To Apply for Transit Visa In Angola

SME- Migration and Foreigners Service

Rua Amilcar Cabral – Bairro da Maianga

Luanda – Angola




What Are All The Eligibility

People who want to travel through Angola to travel to another country other than Angola typically need to obtain a Transit Visa.


Charges are of $30 USD or $39 USD in the case of an urgent applications


Valid for a 5-day stay in Angola that has two or one entrances. cannot be extended.

Processing Time

Two working days after the date of receipt of your application.


  • Make sure you have a valid passport or travel document that has validity for more than one year.
  • When you arrive, fill in the confirmation of arrival cards upon the day of arrival. Complete other immigration formalities such as the submission of the necessary biometric details.
  • The immigration authorities at the point of arrival retain the right to grant admission for the day of transit.
  • A visitor’s pass with the duration of a certain period is granted by the Immigration authorities upon arrival in order to allow the holder remain in Angola for the time specified by the Transit pass.
  • Visitors arriving at the airport should not carry or transport any substances or items which are prohibited by customs while they travel.
  • Passengers who are on their own through Angola should not extend their transit permit or they could be subject to an amount of U30 dollars per day. In addition, they could face other legal actions, including deportation and prosecution.
  • Employment based on the basis of a visitors’ passes is strictly forbidden. Criminals can be charged.
  • A west African Tourist Visa is multiple entry Visa. It is in effect for 90 days.
  • Dependents are also required to apply for their own rights.
  • Entry must be done through designated ports of entry or exit.
  • Anyone who wishes to travel through Angola must be in compliance with the laws on immigration and other laws that govern the country in their journey through Angola.

The Information You Need

  1. Evidence of Departure
  2. Passport number
  3. Nationality
  4. Birth date
  5. Name, address and contact information of the applicant
  6. Sex and Age
  7. Nationality
  8. Purpose of the purpose of
  9. Information about a third country
  10. Information on the flight schedule for departure

Documentation is needed

The transit visa can be given to anyone who, to travel to their destination country, needs to stay on the the territory of their nation.

Information that can be useful

A foreign national from the country with no Diplomatic or Consular status in Angola has to submit an application for a visa in the closest country to their country of origin or the place of residence.

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