How to Apply for UNHCR Travel Diary In Benin

Apply for UNHCR Travel Diary In Benin By Online

  1. Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria are required to go to their local UNHCR representative office located in Benin with all supporting documentation (listed in the following) and indicate their desire to apply.
  2. The required documents should be submitted to the official who is attending and they will forward it on to the Permanent Secretary for the National Commission for Assistance to Refugees (CNAR).
  3. The permanent secretary of the National Commission for Assistance to Refugees (CNAR) will make a formal request on behalf of you, addressed the Director for Emigration and Immigration.
  4. If your request is accepted the applicant will be informed of the decision and must visit the nearest immigration office you to pick up an application form.
  5. Send the completed form along with the supporting documents (listed further below) to the official in charge to be verified and processed.
  6. Make sure you pay the application fees.
  7. The biometric information (fingerprint or photograph) will be then collected by an official at the office. You will be informed when you need to return to the office in order to collect your passport.
  8. You will then be issued with a receipt/acknowledgement slip which you should carry with you when collecting the passport.

Required Documents For Apply for UNHCR Travel Diary 

  • The refugee card copy
  • A valid certificate of residency
  • Two passport pictures in color with white backgrounds.

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate of Emigration and Immigration:
Address: 1278, avenue Jean-Paul II Quartier Zongo Nima
PO Box 03 BP 3380 COTONOU
Phone: (+229) 21 31 56 44
Fax: (+229) 21 31 36 10
Website: Link

How to Apply for UNHCR Travel Diary In Benin
How to Apply for UNHCR Travel Diary In Benin

UNHCR Representative in Benin:
Street Address: Lot 01 Patte d’oie, Cotonou, Benin
Mailing Address: Boite Postale 08-1066, Cotonou, Benin
Telephone:(+229) 21302898/21302890
Hours of operation: Monto Friday (8:00am until 17:30 pm)


  • Refugees in Benin


  • Application fees CFA 25000


  • Validity period is 3 years.
  • The applicant’s details
  • Spouse detail (if applicable)
  • Professional details (if applicable)
  • Contact details
  • Physical address is in Benin
  • A declaration from the applicant
  • Consent of parent(minor)
  • Nationality

The document is needed

  • This document is distributed to all refugees in Benin and is used for travel to any country, excluding the country of origin.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • UNHCR travel dairy may be used to prove identification.

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