How to Apply for Water and Sewage Connection In Benin

Apply for Water and Sewage Connection In Benin By Online

  1. Check out your local Societe Nationale de eaux du Benin (SONEB) at the office close to your residence. go to the front desk and let them know you are interested and you will be provided with an application.
  2. Complete the form accurately and if you have any issues or find it issues, you can seek help from the staff who will assist you.
  3. Attach copies of the necessary document (listed in the following) to the form and send them to confirmation and processing.
  4. A SONED inspector will be sent to the location to assess the layout to determine the cost of the materials for connection to the layout needed within one week.
  5. Then, you must pay the quotation fee within three months at the SONEB office in order for the purpose of facilitating the connect.
  6. Following the presentation of the payment receipt , you will be notified of external work as well as meter installation and water flow within 15 days.

Required Documents For Apply for Water and Sewage Connection 

  • Photocopy the valid identity document of your owner. property.
  • Title deed

Office Locations and Contacts

Societe Nationale de eaux du Benin (SONEB):
92, Av. Pape Jean Paul II 01
BP 21216. Cotonou – Benin.
Tel: (+229) 21316258
Website Link

How to Apply for Water and Sewage Connection In Benin
How to Apply for Water and Sewage Connection In Benin

Contacts : Link


  • The service is available to everyone


  • You will receive an estimate of the cost


Connection is valid for life unless you don’t pay your monthly water bill and this causes the disconnection of the service by SONEB

Processing Time

  • 22 days, if all demands and payments are made on time.

The Information You Need

  • The details of the applicant
  • Information about the address where the supply is needed
  • Kind of basis
  • The use of the premise
  • Name /address of employer/business/reference person (where applicable)
  • Identification number
  • The applicant’s declaration

Documentation is needed

  • The water supply connections in Benin is provided by SONEB.

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