How to Apply for Use of Open Spaces Service to the Highways Planning and Development Department in Nigeria

 Apply for Use of Open Spaces Service to the Highways Planning and Development Departmentin NigeriaBy Yourself

  • For an application to be considered for Open Spaces Service in person the applicant must go to the Highways Planning and Development Department of the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing.
  • Contact details and the address are listed on the next contact page
  • Visit the office and submit the application form to request Open Spaces Service from the Highways Planning and Development Department.
  • Be sure to are armed with all the documents that are listed on this page’s “Required documents” section on this page.
  • Attach the documents required with the letter of application , and send it to the appropriate office.
  • Following successful submission the applicant has to pay the charges required for the privilege of using the service.
  • Once the agency has received the payment The agency will then begin the process of assessing the application, and will verify the documents attached.
  • A visit of Ministry employees who are from Headquarters and Field office will be conducted on the location of the applicant’s residence, together.
  • When all the steps are completed and the permit is prepared to issue, the person who applied will be notified by either email or telephone to collect the permit.

Documents Required For Apply for Use of Open Spaces

  • Letter of request
  • Schematic of the layout, or the plan
  • Fees and documents to prove payment
  • Any supporting document (as required)

Office Locations and Contacts

Highways Planning and Development Department,Federal Ministry of Housing and Works,
Phone: +234 806 086 1591
Highway Development and Management Initiative (HDMI)
contact email:
Homepage homepage

Website for HDMI homepage

What are all the Eligibility

Any organisation within Nigeria that requires approval to use Federal Highway Setbacks for any of the following reasons like beautification, craft workshops, car washes, or beautification (in conformity to the State and Local Government town plan program) is eligible to apply.


Fees information with regard to the kind of use could be located in the document below (Refer the third row of the first page) Fees details

Processing Time

The processing time required for the issue of approval is about three weeks.


  • The applicants are advised to complete the application form in a neat and accurately with perfect clarity and accuracy in order to avoid rejections.
  • Furthermore, all necessary documents should be provided in full.
  • Advertisements are not permitted on pedestrian bridges for foot or pedestrians.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the business
  • Registration number
  • Particulars of incorporation
  • License number
  • Address of the company
  • Number for phone
  • Advertising areas
  • Email address
  • Product description

The Document is required

A permit of the Highways Planning and Development Department is required for companies that require Federal Highway Setbacks for Beautification workshops, crafts and car wash in accordance in accordance with State and Local Government town planning program.

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