How to Apply for Visit Visa In Indonesia

Apply for Visit Visa In Indonesia By Online

  • Go to the Immigration Office for visa petition that is submitted by the chief representative of Indonesia. Republic of Indonesia abroad.
  • Immigration officials will look into the forms completed by foreigners.
  • If the conditions have been met and all payments are made in compliance to the requirements of the law the Visa Officer is expected to issue the visa within a period of three (three) three working days.
  • According to the Representation of Indonesia, there are no official at the Immigration, Visa issuance of checks and visits is executed by Foreign Service officers.

Required Documents For Apply for Visit Visa

  • Visa application form
  • Valid passport (valid at minimum six (six) six)
  • Letter of assurance from the Guarantor
  • The evidence of the cost of living for him and/or his family during his time in the Indonesia Region
  • Season ticket or return ticket for continuing travel to another country and
  • Color photographs measuring 4cm 6 cm x 1 (one)

To get an entry visa for your visit and visa-free arrivals

  • Valid passport with valid validity for at minimum six (six) months and
  • Season ticket or return ticket that allows you to travel to another destination.
  • A request from the government , or private institutions,
  • Letter of acceptance from the Minister or the appointed official

Office Locations and Contacts

For contact details: Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav. 8-9 Jakarta Selatan 12190
Call Center: (021)5224658 extension. 2106
Telefax: (021)5224658
SMS Center: 081381307650
Email :

For a list of Immigration Divisions, check this link:
For a list of Immigration Offices, check this link:


Foreigners who wish go to Indonesia.

The Document is required

  • Visas are a document that proves the person’s authorization to travel into or out of the country in which the visa was granted, with the approval by an official from the immigration department at time of entry.
  • A visa for visit is issued to a foreigner planning to travel to Indonesia for the purpose of visiting regional administration obligations, education, social tourism, cultural business, family or journalism, or even stop in for a second visit in another nation. Sometimes, a travel visa is given to foreigners to carry out the following tasks including visit to family, work trips and visits to governmental functions.

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