How to Apply Loan to Buy Property In Monaco

Apply Loan to Buy Property In Monaco By Online

  1. The application should be submitted in writing to Department of Budget and Treasury.
  2. Make sure you are armed with all required documents that are listed in the section titled Required Documents on this page.
  3. The loan deed is prepared by a notary public. It includes the documents required from the borrower and is signed by the borrower.
  4. The amount of the loan is granted following mortgage registration or security at the rank agreed upon.
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Required Documents For Apply Loan to Buy Property

  • A formal application adresated to H.E. Minister of State but submitted to Department of Budget and Treasury
  • A birth certificate
  • A document of nationality
  • The description and number of the people who live within the household.
  • A document from the applicant’s bank confirming they have a 15% share of worth of the home the applicant is planning to buy is readily available to them
  • A certified letter from any employer(s) regarding the amount of income earned by the household or any other documentation of these sources.
  • Information about other properties of which you are an owner (including the reasons you do not reside in the premises)

Office Locations and Contacts

BP 514
Ms Audrey BOUAZIS:
(+377) 98 98 44 65
Opening hours are between 9.30am until 5.00pm on Monday through Friday


  • You must be a Monegasque national
  • You need to apply for the loan to obtain an essential home for your family
  • You are not the owner of a property in the Principality or the sole owner of the residence you have when you agree to selling this property
  • You have to be able to apply for the loan an item that is situated within the Principalitys territory

The Document is required

This process provides you with details on how to apply for a loan to purchase an investment house in Monaco and also the applicant is an Citizen of Monaco (Monegasque).

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