How to Apply to Exchange a State Owned Apartment In Monaco

Apply to Exchange a State Owned Apartment In Monaco By Online

  1. Anyone who wishes to swap their state-owned apartment must get in touch with Housing Department. Housing Department.
  2. Applications can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.
  3. Documents needed for an application to be processed may be accessed via the link below.
  4. Once the application has been submitted, After the application has been submitted, the Housing Department will send you an acknowledgement of receipt to confirm that you’ve been put into the Exchange Register.
  5. After you’ve been put in the registry, you are able to browse through the ads for housing that is not more than your usual needs. It is available at the offices of the Housing Department.
  6. If you find an apartment that meets your requirements, get in touch with the tenant via phone or via e-mail.
  7. If you’re in agreement with your spouse to share apartments, you must each submit a written inquiry to the Housing Department.
  8. The written request must state the purpose of the application and be accompanied by all pertinent documents pertaining to the family’s composition and the income of the household according to the current legislation regarding National Housing Aid.
  9. After evaluating the request, The decision is taken by the department responsible for housing and communicated to the applicant.
  10. The following links provide additional information that is useful.
The following link gives contact details regarding a state owned apartment: More details

Office Locations and Contacts

DIRECTION DE LHABITAT10 bis, quai Antoine 1er
BP 631
Ms Cynthia SALVANHAC :
(+377) 98 98 42 79
State Sector residential property : 98 98 80 08 ou 98 98 44 80
Fax: (+377) 0377 98 98 20 06
Hours of Operation: 9.30am until 5.00pm on Monday through Friday


  • If more than two (or two or) households decide to swap their apartments in exchange for a new one, they need to submit an inquiry at the Housing Department which can agree to the exchange or deny it.

The Document is required

This procedure gives information related to the exchange of a government-owned residence in Monaco.

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