How to Apply to Advertise Drugs in Mass Media In Uganda

Apply to Advertise Drugs in Mass Media In Uganda By Online

If you’re looking to educate patients and empowering them to be in charge of their health, follow these steps.

  • Anyone who wants to create a publication as an advertisement or a public service announcement for a pharmaceutical should submit a request to the Authority by writing on a business letter head. Complete and attach a form 45.

The first stepSubmit an application form in writing 45 with the National Drug Authority (NDA).

  • A formal letter of application on a letterhead of a company is required to be submitted to the National Drug Authority (NDA) This is the agency that is accountable for granting the authorization, Marketing authorization as well as registration department. A medical representative should make an application to the planning, department of drug information for drug promotion through mass media, submitting the information that is to be promoted on this application.
  • Only a medical professional who has been issued the certificate of competence by the authority has the right to advocate for drugs that the health professional. Products for drugs are not available to the public without prescription.
  • Each medical professional must have a storage space for the promotional materials and other documentation that are used in their work. an advertisement should clearly convey the purpose that the merchandise is intended for.
  • Before the creation and/or importation, distribution , or the distribution or use of any drug promotional materialor the establishment of arrangements for engaging in any type of drug promotion An application for permission to advertise or publish must be submitted by:
    • The holder of the patent on the drug
    • an authorized person;
    • the company that manufactures the drugmanufacturer; or
    • an agent who is authorized by the manufacturer or owner of the patent for the drug.
  • When describing the efficacy of a product they should be in line with the terms of the market authorisation (TMA).
  • A commercial advertisement should not be misleading regarding the time of use of the advertised product , i.e. it could lead to problems with overdose.
  • Drug advertisements must be explicitly targeted at adults, so as not to deceive anyone into thinking that children are capable of making an informed choice about the usage of the product advertised.
  • National Drug Authority (NDA) is required to regulate commercial advertisements by ensuring the accuracy of the information used in advertisements regularly.
  • The government is responsible to ensure that it is in compliance with regulations governing advertising in order to increase the amount of drug use among the population.

Step 2.

The application must be supported by:

  • A illustration of the material that approval to publish or advertising is required. If the material has to be developed, the person applying provides electronic copies of the artwork that clearly show the final product in its appearance, color dimensions and the inscriptions.

Step 3.

  • Take some days for response from the department of advertisements and publications on drugs. In response to the request, must make a decision within 5 to 10 working days.

Step 4.

  • If the application is approved The authority must send an acceptance letter to the media outlet through which the substance is to be advertised.
  • The promotional information in media promoting Analgesics and Anthilemntics must include the correct source of availability and mention that the advice of a medical professional is needed.

Required Documents For Apply to Advertise Drugs in Mass Media

  1. A duplicate of your receipts from the time of purchase for form(s),
  2. Evidence of Drug product’s registration
  3. Letter of Introduction to the Advert Agent from the applicant, (where applicable)
  4. GSM phone No. and email address of the applicant/advertising Agent.
  5. Radio (Script)
  6. Outdoor (Script/Artwork)
  7. Print (Script/Artwo
  8. Online (Script/Artwork/Storyboard)
  9. SMS (Script)
  10. Drug Product Samples in all sizes of pack sizes
  11. Advertisement messages recorded on CD/VCD/DVD after the approval of the advertisement content.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Drug Authority
Rumee Tower
Plot 19, Lumumba Avenue
P. O. Box 23096 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: +256 – 0414 – 255665/347391/2
E- mail:
Web site: National Drug Authority


Anyone interested in to Advertising Drug products in Uganda and related products are eligible as long as they have been registered with the National Drug Authority.


All Drug ads that are approved shall be valid for three months or one year following when they were approved,, unless in the event that an extended validityof up to the period of time, of the registration license’s validity is needed.

Processing Time

Processing can take just five days.


  • The labeling of all drug products must meet the specifications for labeling as recorded.
  • Anyone who wishes to promote pharmaceuticals or drugs, must be approved by the Technical Committee for Drug Control, Ministry of Health before the launch of these products and also the consent of health care consumers.

Requirements Information

  • Information about composition,
  • indication information,
  • information dosage/administration,
  • Information Adverse effects,
  • information on drug interactions and warnings/precautions.

Information that could be helpful

  • The amount of ads in mass media for prescription drugs has increased dramatically recently. They’re all over the place and most prominently, on TV.
  • There are various kinds of drug ads, according to Medical Ethics medical practitioners are prohibited from promoting their Drugs or products, keeping in mind that direct-to-consumer advertisements are often incorrect, misleading or filled with unbalanced data that can cause confusion for patients.
  • To limit commercial ads to limit commercial advertisements, the Uganda government established an( NDA )which organizes and regulates drug-related activities within the country.
  • The goal is not just to check the conformity of the pharmaceutical companies with the regulations and regulations, but also to make sure that consumers receive accurate and reliable information that is not misleading in any way, and to ensure the safe and efficient usage of medicines.
  • So, Advertisement of Drugs and cosmetics requires approval from the Ministry of Health through the National Drug Authority (NDA) department in Uganda.
  • The NDA has the power to enforce regulations and to take measures against companies who violate the regulations.
  • The NDA is the body responsible for assessing the quality of the quality of Pharmaceutical advertising advertisements in mass media for human and animal medicines that are used, including nutritional supplements, veterinary drugs insecticides, medical devices, and cosmetics prior to granting permission to promote in the media.
  • This is to ensure high-quality and safety of the products at affordable prices using a transparent, effective Smooth and Communicable System. The information content of drugs that are promoted in the mass media must be thoroughly examined and analyzed by the National Drug Authority and include the appropriate precautions to be taken when applying.

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