How to Apply to Get Married In Morocco

Apply to Get Married In Morocco By Online

Weddings in Morocco

  1. Get all the necessary documents in order to be married.
  2. The fiancés must visit the Adul bureau (Muslim Notary) approved through the Family Justice Division. Based on the documentation supplied by the fiancés The Adul fills in the formal form of the marriage authorization form that he then forwards to the Family Judge for ratification.
  3. It is the Adul (Muslim Notary) is authorized to officiate marriage. When the marriage certificate has been witnessed by both spouses and then inspected by the family judge the wife must keep the original duplicate of her marriage certificate, while the original copy is provided to her husband.

Weddings in foreign countries

  1. Concerning what is the Moroccan Community abroad. They are able to choose to marry through consulates or the Civil Status Office in their home country, once they submit all necessary documents.
  2. If they decide to marry in the Civil Status Office in their country where they reside The marriage certificate must comply with the requirements in the Family Code. It has to be registered and filed at Moroccan authorities. The copy of the certificate of marriage is to be presented to the appropriate Moroccan consular officers within the specified time frame of 3 months starting on the date on which the marriage contract was signed.
  3. It is important to note that at least two Muslim witnesses are required during the ceremonyand carry their ID in the event that their presence was not stated in the marriage certificate. This is to allow the spouses to file and legalize their marriage certificate.
  4. If there isn’t a Moroccan consulate within the country in which that the spouses currently reside and the copy has to be submitted within the same time frame in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (Directorate of Consular and Social Affairs).
  5. The ministry must submit the document of the document to the Civil Status Officer in the spouse’s place of birth in Morocco. If either or both spouses do not have a birthplace in Morocco The copy is then submitted for review by the Family Justice Division or to the Royal Prosecutor at the First Instance Court in Rabat.
  6. When all these steps are complete, a certificate is presented to whom they are after submitting the marriage certificate in Moroccan consular office.

Required Documents For Apply to Get Married

Authorization to write the marriage

  • an extract of birthplace for two lovers
  • A medical certificate for each individuals
  • Certified replica that is a certified copy of the National Identity card.
  • Certificate of administration for the fiancé
  • Other required documents

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of the InteriorAvenue Mohammed V,
Quartier Administratif
Phone 537-761-861
Fax: 537-762-056

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
7 rue F. Roosevelt Rabat
Tel: 05 37 76 11 25/23 24
Fax: 05 37 76 55 08
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  • There is no consent given on the abolishment of dowry(Sadaq)
  • Consent of spouses
  • A proxy is required (Wali) in the event of a need
  • Freedom from legal obstacles
  • The couple who will be marrying must be at the age of marriage minimum, that is 18. The person who is a part of the wedding who isn’t of legal age yet, must seek approval to get married.
  • Moroccan nation (marriage between the Moroccan national and a foreign national is permissible)

The document is needed

A marriage is a legal contract that binds two individuals with the rights as well as obligations. The following are steps on how to marry to marry in Morocco or for Moroccan citizens who want to marry abroad.

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