How To Apply to Obtain a Firearm In Croatia

How To Apply to Obtain a Firearm In Croatia

  • Complete and submit the application
    How To Apply to Obtain a Firearm In Croatia
    How To Apply to Obtain a Firearm In Croatia

     for a firearm.

  • Pay the administration fee.
  • After the permit has been granted, the holder must adhere to its conditions and terms.

Documents Required Obtain a Firearm

  • Completed application form
  • If the purpose of receiving permission is replenishing the supplies of firearms employed for hunting, sport or self-defense the person who is who is referred to has to within 60 days, submit a medical certificate to carry and possess weapons as well as evidence that it has the expertise to handle the weapons and is aware of the regulations applicable to the use and carrying of weapons.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior10 000 Zagreb, Vukovar Street 33
Contact Number: 00 385 1. 111 6122

Police Directorate
10 000 Zagreb, Ilica 335
Main Police Director: Vlado Dominic
Contact Number: 00385 1 Contact Number: 550 3788
Fax: 00 385 1 545 3788

What Are All The Eligibility

  • An applicant must have a valid reason for acquiring an firearm;
  • Has been 21 years old?
  • Not been found guilty of violations against the Croatian government, or infractions against values International law protects violations against life and limbs and offenses against the safety of property and people as well as offenses that contain elements of violence. They are included in the crimes against property, against freedom, civil and human rights such as sexual freedom and morality, family, marriage and youth against justice, against public order, against the official obligation in opposition to those in the Croatian Armed Forces, against the environment in which it is possible to killing or torturing animals, or is not for violations against the procedures;
  • Was not punished for the offence or hasn’t been charged for the incident, which indicates the weapon is able to be used in a way that is not intended, particularly in the realm of domestic violence. It also indicates that it is not subject to safeguards against domestic violence.
  • There aren’t any other signs suggesting that the weapon can be used in a way that is not intended, such as the frequent and extensive consumption of alcohol and consumption of drugs or other substances that induce intoxication and dysfunctional family relationships, conflict with the environment and aggressive behavior that is excessive and other behavior disorders or disciplinary violations that affect shooting for sport or hunting and so on. ;
  • You can be kept and stored in a safe location.

Special conditions to obtain approval to purchase guns:

  • The medical examination completed by the applicant reveals that the applicant is fit to carry and possess weapons.
  • That the applicant has expertise and technical know-how in handling weapons as well as knowledge of laws governing the carrying and possession of firearms.

In certain cases, the permits for acquisition may be granted to applicants who are at least 18 years and older, as well as police officers in the Ministry of the Interior. The permit may also be given for members of the Croatian Armed Forces and the Judicial Police aged 18 years old that are authorized under specific rules to carry and keep arms. Other people who can obtain a the permit at this age are security guards who are required by special regulations to carry and keep arms, and members of shooting clubs that actively participate in sports of hunting and shooting that have completed the examination.


Administrative fee (stamps): 45.00 kuna


The application forms can be sent at the local police station responsible for the area of residence of the applicant.

Documentation is needed

Possession of a firearm in Croatia is subject to law. Before a citizen is able to purchase a firearm it is necessary to get an authorization from a competent police department or police station. The following are steps to follow to acquire a firearm.

Information that could be helpful

  • Ministry of Interior:



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