How to Applying for Student Visa In Uganda

Applying for Student Visa In Uganda By Yourself

  1. Find the most current Ugandan visa regulations at the Ugandan foreign ministry, or locate the Ugandan Embassy in the country of your permanent residence to find the necessary visa requirements for Uganda;
  2. Fill out an application form for visas and fill it out accurately with all the necessary documents and bank slips
    Essential documents include:
    • A visa cover letter;
    • Letter of cover from school / Tertiary Institutions / University addressed to the Commissioner Immigration Control Department.
    • The payment slips
    • Send admission letters from the School or Tertiary Institutions or University;
    A student who wants to be admitted to Secondary and Primary Schools should have:

    • Copy of passports of parents;
    • Letter of cover from schools to department of immigration with the year of admission and the length of study
    • Attach copies of your parents’ Immigration status, such as a work permit, Parents are residents of Uganda and
    • Parents do not live or work in Uganda,applicants should attach Letter from parent acknowledging relationship of the resident guardian and child or student in Uganda,consent or covering letter from guardian addressed to the Commissioner Immigration Control Department.Immigration status of host or guardian permit or Uganda Passport.
    Students who wish to be admitted to Tertiary Institutions or University should attach the following documents:

    • Attach a photo ID card issued by an institution of higher education.
    • Students who are enrolled in postgraduate programs must submit copies of their prior academic credentials.
  3. Send your passport along with all documents of any consular or diplomatic mission from Uganda. Republic of Uganda in your country of residence.
  4. An appointment letter for interview is provided that you should read carefully to learn all details of the interview, including the date of interview, the location, and the exact time.
  5. Following is Visa interview: This procedure involves interviews that include questions on various issues.It can be a miss or a catch in the visa interviews. While you absolutely require the Visa for finalizing your travel plans, an interview is mandatory and is often accompanied by anxiety and stress.
  6. A visa is stamped on one’s passport after having passed the interview.
  7. Students from outside of Africa who wish to study in Uganda for a period of one or two semesters should apply for the residence permit. The permit can be obtained prior to departing at the Uganda Embassy in their country of origin. When applying for a residence permit, include the following documents:
    • Letter from the university seeking residency permits (Letter of Mediation)
    • Letter from the University requesting permission to reside (Letter of Mediation)
    • The letter of confirmation that you were accepted
    • A passport and a copy. (Note the passport should be issued with specified validity following conclusion of the course).
    • 3 photos (passport size)
    • Evidence of sufficient support (400 USD per month).
    • A valid medical insurance that is acceptable in Uganda. (This document has to be presented when you receive a notice from the Migration Department about decision to issue a temporary residence permit.)
    • Evidence of accommodation
  8. When you arrive at the Airport take and fill out forms for the student pass;

ONLINE Application

  1. The ministry of foreign and immigration web site Link on the internet scroll to the bottom and click on “Start with a fresh application”
  2. Review the conditions and terms, then click “Accept” You will be taken to the next webpage, start your application process.
  3. Step 1: Select the what type of application you want to submit; under the type of visa or permit drop box, select “student pass” under the drop box for category choose “the duration that you will be staying” Under the drop boxes for subcategories, the computer system will automatically select the same duration of time as you selected under category. Click”next” the next option”
  4. The second step is filling in the application form. Read the directions carefully, ensure that you fill in the form correctly. If all the data is correct, then click “next step “
  5. Step 3: Upload all required documents that need to be scanned
  6. The final step is to submit the application form with the necessary documents

Required Documents For Applying for Student Visa


  • Accredited copies of academic documents from The Ministry of Education Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A valid and verified clearance is issued by Interpol
  • The evidence of the ability to pay for tuition i.e. in the absence of other visa requirements.
  • Letter of sponsorship, accompanied by ID and Bank Statement of the sponsor
  • Valid admission letter
  • Non-refundable visa fee of USD 100 for students who’s country is not to the countries of East African Cooperation

Note:Any candidate above the age of secondary school must provide copies (authenticated by the Department of Education and Foreign Affairs) of their high school diplomas and transcripts.


  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Letter of support from the educational institute
  • Student ID valid
  • Passport copy (bio page)
  • An official admissions letter is required from the educational institute
  • Non-refundable visa fee of USD 100, bank slip for students countries that do not fall to the countries of East African Cooperation

The payment will be made at the place of issuance

Office Locations and Contacts

Immigration Uganda
Plot 75, Jinja Road
P. O. Box 7165/7191 Kampala – Uganda
Contact number: + 256 414 595 945
Fax: +256 414 348 707
Site: Directorate of immigration

Contact us via email: Contact us
Consulate and embassy worldwide


  • A foreigner who wants to attend university in Uganda and is enrolled in an institution is able to apply for an student visa


  • Student (Entry Visas for international students that do not citizens from East African Cooperation.) US$ 100


  • The validity of a student’s visa is contingent on the period you apply for , which is a maximum of one calendar year, and then renews following the expiration date.

Processing Time

  • The processing time for applications for student visas lasts the period of two (2) day working


  • Each visitor who is planning to visit the country is required to have an authentic passport or travel document with a validity of more than one year.
  • At the time of arrival students must complete arrival declaration forms and are required to comply with other immigration requirements, such as the submission of biometric data;
  • Immigration officials at the point of arrival have the right to admit;
  • Students’ passes with a certain length of time is granted by immigration authorities upon arrival , allowing the holder to remain in the country for the time specified in the passport;
  • Students arriving at the school should not carry or transport any substances or items that are not allowed by customs.
  • Employing on the basis of student passes is strictly forbidden. Anyone who violates this rule will be prosecuted.
  • Entry must be done through designated ports of entry/exit.
  • Students must adhere to the immigration laws and other laws and regulations of the country while they are in Uganda

Requirements Information

  • Contact information and full name of the student who is applying for a visa
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Information about the university Institution or university;
  • Course details;
  • The year of admission, as well as the duration of course; as well
  • Physical appearance detail
  • Phone number and email address

Need to have the Document

  • The student visa allows the holder to attend classes in a higher institution of learning in the country that issued the visa in this instance Uganda.

Information that could be helpful

It is crucial to remember that:

  • A passport with a visa doesn’t guarantee admission. It is the sole discretion of the officials who oversee immigration in Uganda.
  • A student visa does not permit voluntary or gainful work in Uganda
  • When the course is completed students can prolong their duration of stay.
  • Departure and arrival declaration cards can be obtained at the lounge for arrival.
  • Sometimes, you might be asked to produce additional documents.
  • Take the time to read your letter to the interviewer.
  • Dressing appropriately is essential for Visa interviews, just like it is for any interview.
  • Bring all the documents you could have been requested in the letter of appointment to interview.
  • Photos must be attached to the application form with the help of a glue stick. The photo should be clipped and stapled to the application form not recommended.

External Links

Goverment of Uganda
Ministry of internal affairs


  • Students should not be caught overstaying his or her permit, otherwise they could be fined of U$30 per day, plus other legal actions, including deportation and prosecution.
  • Training must be taken at only licensed and approved training institutions.



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