How To Authentication of Heirs (Qualification of Heirs) In Angola

How To Authentication of Heirs (Qualification of Heirs) In Angola

Extends on the Qualification of Heirs: Apply in person By Yourself:

  1. Prepare all necessary documents. Visit to the SIAC (SIAC) – Integrated Citizen Service unit in your area to submit your application.
  2. Visit the notary section and request a control password to access the Qualification of Heirs and wait for your turn.
  3. The customer service agent will dial your password and go to the desk of service to provide your documentation to verify your identity.
  4. The official will confirm your documents and create an application guide that details the application fee total and bank information.
  5. Go to the bank , pay the application fee and request two copies of your statement from the bank.
  6. Return to the customer support desk and hand in a photocopy of the statement from your bank to an assisting official.
  7. The official will check the transactions and if they’re not correct , will return you to your bank in order to process the right payment.
  8. If the paperwork and the payments are valid If the documents and payments are correct, the official will forward the qualification process of Heirs to be analyzed by the Notary.
  9. The Notary will scrutinize the documents and, if the document is valid The Notary will authorize to issue Heirs’ Qualification. Qualification of Heirs.
  10. The customer service representative will be given the document and creates the Qualification Document for Heirs. He then forwards the process of Qualification for Heirs with the document to the Notary for the Notary’s signature.
  11. The notary examines on the documents to see if there are any errors and, if necessary, requests to correct the document, it is accepted, they sign and then stump the document, and send document back to customer support desk to be picked up by you , the applicant.

Documents Required Authentication of Heirs (Qualification of Heirs)

  • Death Certificates of the deceased
  • A Narrative Birth Certificate for the Heirs
  • Three witnesses who can be a suitable witness.

Office Locations and Contacts

SIAC – Integrated Citizen Service:
Contacts: +244 923 619 156, +244 990 619 156, +244 222 691 904.
Faleconnosco Email:
Website: SIAC

How To Authentication of Heirs (Qualification of Heirs) In Angola
How To Authentication of Heirs (Qualification of Heirs) In Angola

All service units: link

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Citizens


  • As per the instructions in the guideline for service

Processing Time

  • 3 days

The Document is required Authentication of Heirs (Qualification of Heirs)

  • This procure outlines the qualification of Heirs in Angola

Information that could be helpful

  • Manual service guide at SIAC: SIAC

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